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LaunchBox Games DB Search

Highlight text. Click the button. Search the LaunchBox Games Database

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Agregados October 17, 2016

HTTPS highlighter for Google

Helps you choose websites that support https by highlighting sites that support https in green and sites that do not in red.

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Agregados October 16, 2016

Scroll Ancla Elinv

Ancla de Webs @ Elinv
Único Addons de este tipo.
Re-posiciona cualquier web que se encuentre dentro de nuestros marcadores en el lugar donde estábamos al momento de cerrar la página.
Ayuda imprescindible para el programador y olvidadizos.

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Agregados October 13, 2016


ATS finder for given website

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Agregados October 13, 2016

Google Translator English Vietnamese

Google Translator English-Vietnamese search tool

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Agregados October 11, 2016

Oxford English Dictionary

Looking up Oxford English Dictionary quickly while browsing an english website

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Agregados October 9, 2016

Unified Urlbar Experiment

An experimental add-on testing the unified urlbar experience.

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Agregados October 6, 2016

Wayback Machine Helper

Search and access the current URL on archive.org's Wayback Machine.
Access it by raising the context-menu (right-clicking while on a website).

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Agregados October 3, 2016

Lecteur code barre webcam du Burro

Lecteur code barre webcam du Burro: ajoute un lecteur code barre à l'aide d'une webcam. Peut être lancé à partir d'un bouton dans la toolbar, d'un raccourci clavier ou du menu contextuel.
Met en œuvre le module zbar-processor.js de Manuel Aristarán

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Agregados October 1, 2016



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Agregados September 30, 2016


Easy and quick search!

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Agregados September 28, 2016

Font Finder (revived)

Get all CSS styles of selected text

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Agregados September 28, 2016

Поиск людей в vk по фото

Поиск других аккаунтов в vk.com по фото через онлайн сервис.
Помогает проверить аккаунт Вконтакте на наличие клонов, фейков, а также найти аккаунт человека по фото с другого сайта.

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Agregados September 26, 2016

Search Results Filter

Removes those sites that appear for every search but provide nothing useful from search engine results in Google, Bing and DuckDuckGo. Like for example, WikiHow...

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Agregados September 26, 2016

Revues en ligne ENS Cachan

Acces rapide aux revues en ligne via http://www.bibli.ens-cachan.fr/


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Agregados September 25, 2016

Oxford Pronunciation Viewer

The current version of Oxford Online Dictionary show pronunciation at the bottom of each page. This addon will help bring it to the top of each page, so that you can see it easily.

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Agregados September 25, 2016

Simple Window Resizer

Quickly moves your Firefox window to the top left corner of the screen, resizes it to maximum available height and width and leaves a configurable free space aside.

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Agregados September 23, 2016


Generate A Batch List For A Package Include All Version Of The Package To Download Via IDM.

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Agregados September 19, 2016

Scholar on Google Search Necesita reiniciarse

Adds a link to Google Scholar just before the "more" button, on Google Search. (Simple port of https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/9496-scholar-on-google-search using https://arantius.com/misc/greasemonkey/script-compiler.php)

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Agregados September 15, 2016

DDG Google

Google for searching DuckDuckGo for bangs!

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Agregados September 13, 2016