Privacidad y seguridad


IVCargo Necesita reiniciarse

Machine Locking plugin. This plugin can access your browsing history and personal data.

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Link Status Necesita reiniciarse

Shows an icon on the status bar when the mouse cursor is over a link to a page you bookmarked or visited before. In Firefox 3.5 and later, the extension also offers an option to disable the visited link styling to reduce the risk to privacy.

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BeeFree Necesita reiniciarse

Removes tracking links from several web search engines.

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dorktools Necesita reiniciarse

Hash decrypt/encrypt
Hash Identify
Network Tools
Google with operators
Torrent Search

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SSL Most Wanted

Blocks compromised (hacked!) websites.

A *complete* SSL certificate revocation list and enforcer: aims to block websites with revoked SSL certificates that even Firefox would miss.

Disclaimer: still in testing stages. Presented as is.

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PrivacyProtectorGVN Necesita reiniciarse

This add-on enables control your PrivacyProtectorGVN software directly from your browser. Note: PrivacyProtectorGVN software is required for full add-on functionality, free download from

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Displays a friendly notification when the website you visit either uses HTTPS OR uses HTTPS with mixed content (some nonsecure items within the page) .

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Show My IP Address

Show My IP Address

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clearHTTPStatus Necesita reiniciarse

Prevents abusing of HTTP status code.
1. It works in the background and does not need any user interaction.
2. Prevents a malicious site from performing a cross-domain discovery of the sites current user logged in.

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Passwordstate Password Manager

Passwordstate For Firefox is a free form filler extension that obtains credentials from Passwordstate.

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For Human Eyes Only Necesita reiniciarse

Converts your messages into images so that it is hard for computers to extract them, while genuine humans can still read them. That is, it helps you protect against computer programs that breach your privacy by automatically analyzing what you say.

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geo devtool

Update your geolocation in real time by moving a marker on a map.
Debug applications using geolocation (working both with getCurrentPosition and watchPosition).
Fake your location when a website asks for it.

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gladder Necesita reiniciarse

A proxy tool works on a customizable sites list!

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Behind The *Asterisks* (EladKarako Mod) Necesita reiniciarse

Mouse-Over Shows Whats *Behind* The *Asterisks*
Video Review:

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Gives you site information such as Rank, and checks URLs against suspected or unwanted pages.

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Visualisiert die Profile die Online Tracker erstellen können

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Test addon

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HAX-BAR By Team H.A.X Necesita reiniciarse

Team H.A.X ( Mr. P473L - Ajax Alex - Xia-Haxor )

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my realm Necesita reiniciarse

change filtering page to what you like

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Nophish Necesita reiniciarse

Experimental !
This extension detects and interrupts phising attempts.

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