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App Advisor for Facebook Sin reiniciar

Protect yourself from harmful Facebook apps which access your personal data and perform actions without your permission. The extension safeguards you from apps that over-collect your personal data, spam your friends network or pose security risks.

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URLUncover for Firefox

Uncover any short url including, and more with just a Right click

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IP Notebook

Le permite encontrar fácilmente y guardar su dirección IP pública para su posterior consulta.

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White Noise Generator Sin reiniciar

This addon opens random websites within a randomly chosen delay. Third persons have no chance to see a difference between randomly opened websites and intentionally opened websites.

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Shows either a padlock or an eye icon on the URL bar

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diaspora* Easyshare Sin reiniciar

Easily share web content on your diaspora* pod.

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Enlocked Sin reiniciar

Enlocked – The easiest way to get email encryption and security on all your devices. Allows you to send and receive secure email - encrypted using PGP - but without the hassle and no cost. Enlocked works with Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL, and Hotmail.

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CommonKey Sin reiniciar

CommonKey | team password management and sharing for collaborative companies. Protect the keys to your company with CommonKey, your team password manager for sharing and collaboration!

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URL Security Sin reiniciar

Shows how secure the visited site is at a glance.

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Cookie Wizard with Whitelist

View/Cleanup/Export/Import Cookies and Permissions, with Whitelist

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noturno Sin reiniciar

Easily turn proxy on/off

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Advanced Import/Export extension preferences

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Plain Text Offenders Sin reiniciar

This addon notifies you if the current website has any entries on catalogs websites that are improperly handling user passwords.

This addon is not affiliated with

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DynamicHistory Sin reiniciar

Dynamically removes browsing history based on keywords and/or domains. Never use 'Private Browsing' again!

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Toggle Mixed Display Content Sin reiniciar

An icon that toggles the preference of blocking mixed display content.
Preference Name:

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Powr of You Sin reiniciar

Rewarding you for being you!

Connect your Firefox or Chrome browser to your Powr of You ( account and see fun, actionable insights about your online habits on your Life-hacks dashboard.

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Add X-Forwarded-For Header Sin reiniciar

Adds X-Forwarded-For header to all HTTP requests.
Works with Firefox Mobile, Tested with FF Mobile 16.0.1 and Android JB 4.1.1.
Min Version 15.0
Max Version 19.*

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Netlux Site Blocker

Automagically blocks websites of your choice. Ideal for parental control!

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Bork Bork Bork!

The Swedish Chef travesty filter and URL blocker. View web pages or mail as spoken by the Swedish Chef like this...

"Zee Svedeesh Cheff trefesty feelter und URL blucker. Feeoo veb peges oor meeel es spukee by zee Svedeesh Cheff leeke-a thees."

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FB blocker Sin reiniciar

When you visit Facebook, it will open another website.

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