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Browser Automation Extension for Firefox

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Adds httpOnly cookie support to Firefox by encrypting cookies marked as httpOnly on the browser side, so that JavaScript cannot read...

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Avetix Safe Browsing Sin reiniciar

Avetix Safe Browsing Plugin

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Ad Limiter Sin reiniciar

Search spam blocker. Tells you about the company behind each search result. Limits search ads to one ad per page.

New! - now available on Android

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This add-on enables control your PrivacyProtectorGVN software directly from your browser. Note: PrivacyProtectorGVN software is required for full add-on functionality, free download from

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Chili Safe Surf

Chili Safe Surf is the best way to a completely secure Web browsing experience.
It is a free cross-browser add-on that intercepts, processes, and filters all Web traffic, blocking any malicious content
and taking browser security to new levels.

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Stop-it Sin reiniciar

Stop-it the BEST Anti Porn, scam, hacks tool on the web and many more. version is now

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WMmail Антибаннер Sin reiniciar

Убирает назойливую рекламу со страниц сайта

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Disable about:config

Disable about:config feature of Firefox and Thunderbird.

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SafePlay Sin reiniciar

Принцип действия плагина прост: при вводе адреса сайта в адресную строку или переходе по ссылке со сторонних ресурсов – SafePlay производит автоматический поиск доступного зеркала и перенаправляет туда пользователя.

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FirePhish Anti-Phishing Extension

FirePhish is an Anti-Phishing Toolbar which utilizes the Open Phishing Database to provide the user with information and tools to protect against phishing...

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DontTrackMyClick Sin reiniciar

Click on Google Search Links by not getting tracked by using this Add-On Context Menu. Preserve your privacy through this add-on by not allowing Google know which link you clicked.

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Bulc Club Sin reiniciar

Bulc Club's Firefox Addon brings the power of Bulc Club to your favorite browser! Check Member Ratings, Create BulcBurners, and Access your Member Console.

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Flash Player for YouTube™ Sin reiniciar

Watch YouTube™ Videos Only in Flash Player

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Save / Load Prefs Sin reiniciar

Load preferences from a file into Firefox. Useful for mobile devices that don't allow access to the Firefox profile directory.

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url-watcher Sin reiniciar

This is a very basic extension, it watches for zero width characters in request URL and it simply blocks requests


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Analyze-it Sin reiniciar

Opens various page analytic tools - SEO, CMS, & WHOIS information for any page you visit.

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Machine Locking plugin. This plugin can access your browsing history and personal data.

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Screen Sharing for Live Conference Sin reiniciar

Niche Video Media Screen Sharing For Live Conference 1.0

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direct-google Sin reiniciar

Removes Google redirects and exposes "Cached" links.

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