Privacidad y seguridad



Identifies the entered domain typos and redirects you to the correct website

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Agregados August 5, 2016

Identacor Secure Auto-Login

Fast and Secure Single Sign-On access to today's most widely used cloud applications.

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Agregados August 4, 2016

Pebble Park Kids

Teach your kids about Internet Safety real time, each time they run in to a blocked page. Blocking alone is not enough!

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Agregados August 3, 2016

Site Blocker

Site Blocker - a simple site blocker that takes a list of comma separated web sites

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Agregados August 3, 2016


Isst Kekse.

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Agregados August 3, 2016


Make secrets easily accessible from your pass' ~/.password-store

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Agregados August 2, 2016

Shaparak Verifier

Verify Shaparak gateways and protect users against phishing attacks

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Agregados August 2, 2016


a simple password generator

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Agregados August 1, 2016

CPM Auto-fill

Uses Convenient Password Manager to automatically fill in credentials on websites.

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Agregados July 29, 2016


Disables addon disabling.

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Agregados July 28, 2016

Auto-reduce Tabs

Close tabs before getting too many; Forcibly limits the number of tabs. You can change the limit.

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Agregados July 27, 2016

Police du Net - DMCA Agent

Application pour automatiser les demandes de retraits concernant le telechargement illegal

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Agregados July 25, 2016


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Agregados July 25, 2016

Extension source viewer

View source code of Firefox addons and Chrome extensions (crx/nex/xpi) from, the Chrome Webstore and elsewhere.

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Agregados July 24, 2016

Personalized Encryptor

Personalized text encryptor

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Agregados July 24, 2016

Norton Identity Safe

Access your Identity Safe Vault, which remembers your usernames and passwords for single-click access to your favorite sites.

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Agregados July 21, 2016


Plugin to remove annoying modals in an argentinian newspaper

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Agregados July 20, 2016

Do Not Disturb

Toggle the built-in do-not-disturb; the easy way

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Agregados July 19, 2016

webviruscheck for firefox

Webページのウィルスチェッカー、ブラクラチェッカー、短縮URLチェッカーである「webviruscheck」へ連携する拡張機能です。リンク上で右クリック、URL文字列を選択して右クリックすることにより、リンク先が危険なサイトでないかを簡単に調べることができます。 ※WebExtensionです。Firefox48以降で使用可能です。

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Agregados July 18, 2016

Secure Tab Firefox

Secure tab extension for Firefox browser.
It can hide your favicon and title of tabs to prevents other people from spying you by watching your browser. see for source code and use latest version.

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Agregados July 16, 2016