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Bandcamp New Tab Sin reiniciar

This extension replaces the default new tab content with a new Bandcamp album.

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29 usuarios
Agregados March 7, 2016

downloadchibashi Sin reiniciar

Download from youtube, vimeo, soundcloud, facebook, etc

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25 usuarios
Agregados March 7, 2016

FlashHider Sin reiniciar

Hide the flash plugin from blocked sites.

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44 usuarios
Agregados March 6, 2016

G Music Button Sin reiniciar

Button for switching track in Google Music without CtrlTab'ing
1. Open Google music in one tab
2. Start playing
3. ...
4. Profit

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2 usuarios
Agregados February 29, 2016

Instagram to Tumblr Sin reiniciar

Post Instagram images to Tumblr with one click

Observation: Soon all functionality will be merged with this other addon:

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134 usuarios
Agregados February 24, 2016

Bidyos Screen Recording Sin reiniciar

This Firefox extension enables screen recording in Firefox browser for pages.

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8 usuarios
Agregados February 24, 2016

fb Video Downloader getfbvids Sin reiniciar

Download any video uploded in Facebook

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0 usuarios
Agregados February 23, 2016

Byffox YouTube Downloads

Расширение, которое добавляет прямые ссылки на скачивание видео, MP4 и FLV. Имеет простой интерфейс и скачивает видео непосредственно из YouTube. Расширение интегрируется с интерфейсом YouTube и добавляет кнопку скачать.

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14 usuarios
Agregados February 18, 2016

Serviio TubeFox Sin reiniciar

Send Youtube feeds to Serviio DLNA directly from Firefox !

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192 usuarios
Agregados February 16, 2016

3IH Uploader Sin reiniciar

Upload images to 3IH.RU

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149 usuarios
Agregados February 14, 2016

Play iTunes Sin reiniciar

Adds links to play podcasts and iTunes U courses directly from the iTunes website.

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18 usuarios
Agregados February 14, 2016

Crumby Plex to VLC Sin reiniciar

A simple addon that opens plex media onto VLC (VLC must be installed first) For people on linux systems, please change your settings in the extensions settings area.

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74 usuarios
Agregados February 14, 2016

SkyGo2Fullscreen Sin reiniciar

Mit dieser Erweiterung kannst du Inhalte auf SkyGo als Vollbild schauen und nebenbei weiter arbeiten, surfen oder was auch immer du machen möchtest.

Addon to help you to look videos on SkyGo with better fullscreen mode than native.

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3 usuarios
Agregados February 12, 2016

Oddshot Sin reiniciar

Firefox extension for Oddshot

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760 usuarios
Agregados February 10, 2016

Instill Screencast Recording Sin reiniciar

This extension is used by to allow screen cast recording

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19 usuarios
Agregados February 10, 2016

FCopyrights Sin reiniciar

Store copyright infos of a Fotolia photo as a text file with one single click.

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2 usuarios
Agregados February 9, 2016

Youtube Replay (YT-Replay Magic) Sin reiniciar

Replay Youtube Videos the Fastest way (Non Stop) with YT-Replay Magic. It comes with a Toolbar Button, and with ON/OFF Badges on top of the Button when Replaying Videos. The new Version includes also Video Thumbnails & Titles as Popup Notifications!

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246 usuarios
Agregados February 8, 2016

FunFeedr Sin reiniciar

Have a Break!

Get your FunFeedr today and start enjoying the hottest content on the web.

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110 usuarios
Agregados February 8, 2016

Autoplay Toggle Sin reiniciar

A toggle button for quickly turning the autoplay userpref on and off, for dealing with players which break when autoplay is disabled.

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300 usuarios
Agregados February 6, 2016

RemoveWatchedVideos Sin reiniciar

A simple add-on that removes your watched videos when you refresh the subscription page on youtube.

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9 usuarios
Agregados February 5, 2016