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strikeThrough Sin reiniciar

A missing feature of gmail, in compose formatting bar, close to Bold, Italic etc. It strikethroughs selected text, or input text with strikethrough formation

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Agregados May 25, 2015

Skyyart Live Sin reiniciar

L'extension qui te permet de savoir si Skyyart est en Live !

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Agregados May 21, 2015

Browsetel Screen Sharing Sin reiniciar

This extension allows you to share your screen in Browsetel applications and CallMe buttons on all relevant domains.

Screen is cast as a video stream so you DON’T share the permission to use your computer.

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Agregados May 20, 2015

pinterest-guest Sin reiniciar

Allows to browse Pinterest without login/registration, removing the offending modal popup

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Agregados May 16, 2015

yuman Sin reiniciar

yuman collects high-resolution photos from '' and makes your new tabs more beautiful.
yuman 將會自動收集高畫質的圖片(來源:''),當每次打開新分頁的時候,都會有不同的背景圖,美麗一整頁。

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Agregados May 11, 2015

PhotoSelector Sin reiniciar

It does only one simple thing: select all your own +1'd photos in albums view of Google+ Photos. Then do whatever you want with your own selected photos (e.g. download them).

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Agregados May 11, 2015

Simple Youtube Popup Sin reiniciar

The simplest way to popup your Youtube videos.

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Agregados May 11, 2015

YouTube converter to mp3 online Sin reiniciar

YouTubeConverter.Me is one of the fastest and safe services for downloading and conveting files from the popular hosting «YouTube to MP3» audio format.

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Agregados May 11, 2015

Backgrounds new tab

Backgrounds new tab is a firefox add-on that allows the user to update and change their new tab background.

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Agregados May 10, 2015

Spin my Imgur Sin reiniciar

Tired of the imgur's loading gif? Now you can if you want change this one by the one you want!

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Agregados May 5, 2015

Night Mode Page Dim Sin reiniciar

Protects your eyesight by dramatically reducing the brightness of websites. Simple and easy to use.

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Agregados May 4, 2015 Sin reiniciar

it's a basic addon is written for site and it's users.
addon allows users to view mebeded youtube videos using html api (youtube iframe).

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Agregados May 4, 2015

Vine Downloader Sin reiniciar

Download Vines to your computer.

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Agregados April 29, 2015

Animal Forest BGM Sin reiniciar

Plays music from Animal Crossing: New Leaf for each hour of the day.

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Agregados April 23, 2015

Онлайн радио от BYFFOX

В нашем каталоге собраны самые популярные и хитовые FM и интернет радиостанции разных жанров: поп, рок, шансон, диско, ретро, джаз, Dance, электронная музыка, юмор,информационные и развлекательные радиостанции.

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Agregados April 19, 2015

Koi Pixiv Addon Sin reiniciar

Improve Browsing on Pixiv History

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Agregados April 18, 2015

Google Art Project Sin reiniciar

Art Project masterpieces from Google Cultural Institute in your Firefox's new tabs

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Agregados April 18, 2015

Play using HTML5, instead of Flash Sin reiniciar

This extension replaces the Flash player found on the new beta website with an HTML5 player. Very basic, but gets the job done.

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Agregados April 17, 2015

Compartir escritorio de evolutel Sin reiniciar

Complemento para compartir el escritorio en una videoconferencia

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Agregados April 16, 2015

RadioGNU Scrobbler Sin reiniciar

RadioGNU Scrobbler for

Step 1: Enter to and input your credential and save it with the Login Manager of Firefox.

Step 2: Enter to and enjoy it.

GNU FM use a music recommender system called "Audioscrobbler".

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Agregados April 14, 2015