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LEO Dictionaries Necesita reiniciarse

This is the official add-on for easier access to LEOs Online Dictionaries. Select any word or phrase, right-click on the selection and translate from/to English, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese and Polish to/from German.

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Google selección Traducir

Seleccionar texto y sosteniendo tecla Alt, traducido resultado aparecerá en páginas web actuales.No hay necesidad de dejar páginas web actuales.Traducir los resultados vienen de Google Translate.

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Language Manager Necesita reiniciarse

Language Manager, Designed to manage language packs for Firefox web browsers this easy to use utility make it easy to manage installed language packs and always have the latest language pack installed.

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Dictionary (Google™ Translate) Anywhere Destacados

"Dictionary (Google™ Translate) Anywhere" extension provides access to a floating multilingual Google Translate panel on any webpage.

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Dict.cc Translation

The add-on uses dict.cc to translate words and phrases in any website, epub or pdf. In-page translation. No need to select the word, just click on it!

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Language Pack Install Helper

Provide easy way to install Additional Language Packs.

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Instant Translate: Select and Translate Destacados

Translation, text-to-speech, transliteration on pages and in the pop-up for 100+ languages.

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Online Translator Toolbar Necesita reiniciarse

Free Online Translator Toolbar help you to translate whole web page, selected text on web page or text from Clipboard using one of free online translate services. Also you can translate single words using one of free online dictionaries

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Google translate for https/http

Translate entire web page or selected text using google translate
There are many translators on Firefox. There are two features they're not supported:
1.HTTPS pages
2.Page logined
This addon can translate all pages you can open in firefox

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www.Translate Necesita reiniciarse

Multi-Translator from Google, Bing and Pragma.
Translation tool for your Firefox and Thunderbird with a simple and friendly interface.

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QuickWiki Necesita reiniciarse

Quick lookup in Wiktionary and Wikipedia, without the need to open a new tab.
Just right-click a word while shift / ctrl / alt is pressed.

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Las palabras y la página de traducción de Google

Una pagina de palabras simples y herramienta de traducción mediante Google

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Perapera Chinese Popup Dictionary Necesita reiniciarse

Put your mouse over any Chinese words on a webpage and it gives you the pronunciation and definition. English, German, & French dictionaries; Pinyin and Zhuyin supported; Simplified or Traditional characters. Save and export words for studying later!

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gTranslator Necesita reiniciarse


Google translate gadget for firefox. This extension translates entire webpages into a language of your choice with one click. Idea comes from Google Translation Bar for Chrome.

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DictionarySearch (Official Version) Necesita reiniciarse

Looks up a user selected word in an online...

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Fast Translation Necesita reiniciarse

Easy translation tool using Google Translate. Select text and right click to translate. Press CTRL+SHIFT+L to open translation window.

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Leo Search Necesita reiniciarse

Searches for marked words in the database at dict.leo.org and opens the result in a new background tab. It supports all languages provided by leo.org. Press "Ctrl" key to open the search result in a new foreground tab.

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Text-to-Speech (Google™ & HTML5)

Google™ Text-to-Speech is a text to speech engine with natural sounding voices.

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YandexTranslate:anything-Russian & Russian-English

Translate selected word or phrase over translate.yandex.ru from any lang to Russian (or from Russian to English) - result in context menu (right click) and in popup. Minimum and fast. Not affect DOM. Unofficial extension - works by using API.

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German Spell Check Necesita reiniciarse

Important!!! If you can't see the German flag, please click: View --> Toolbars --> Bookmarks Toolbar. This is a German spelling checker for finding misspellings.

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