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Text Translator Necesita reiniciarse

This tool is for keyword searching by using yahoo dictionary.
We can search the selected keyword on the web page, the tool will open a new tab for end-user and show the search result for this keyword in dictionary.

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Fix Bug 876101

This extension is for Indonesian (id) locale only.

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Selenium IDE - SelBench Necesita reiniciarse

This is an extension for Selenium IDE that provides a collection of utilities for testing, validating, and benchmarking Selenium IDE scripts. This is especially useful for instrumenting scripts that are used to test Selenium IDE extensions.

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Gujarati fonts package

Gujarati script fallback fonts for Firefox (Android edition)
Addon installs Gujarati font (LohitGujarati.ttf) that enables proper rendering of Gujarati script on all sites (Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.) without installed fonts on system.

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İngilizce Çeviri

İngilizce'den Türkçe'ye Çeviri

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Input method editor library supporting more than 135 input methods across more than 62 languages.
Just move your focus to a input field, and select the language and keyboard. and start typing in your favorite language

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Transliterate Cyrillic Tajik/Persian

Transliterate Cyrillic Tajik/Persian texts to Latin script

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DBPedia Spotlight Firefox addon

Firefox addon that annotates entities using DBPedia Spotlight service.

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MouseoverDictionary Necesita reiniciarse


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Surf the web and understand every biological text you read. Words you might not know yet are red, click them and start learning!

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Temperature Converter

Easily convert temperatures on websites right from the Firefox context menu without any external navigation!

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Phrasemarker Necesita reiniciarse

Phrasemark View: bookmark-like sidebar, with navigation ability to certain phrase in one page.
Dictionary View: online dictionary, showing the phrase selected from the main content pane.

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Vimperator日本語ヘルプ Necesita reiniciarse

Vimeratorの日本語ヘルプ(F1 や :helpコマンドから参照)を追加します。

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DEX toolbar Necesita reiniciarse

DEX (Dicţionarul explicativ al limbii române) toolbar - caută cuvintele direct din browser!

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Transliterate Belarusian Cyrillic Necesita reiniciarse

Realiza una transliteración del cirílico bielorruso al alfabeto latino.

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Rikaichan Japanese-Russian Dictionary File Necesita reiniciarse

A dictionary file for Rikaichan.

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Translator Gucker de__dict.cc Necesita reiniciarse

Translates your selected wort or phrase form de(german) to xx(your selected language).
I have selected 15 form a little more languages. Runs on dict.cc.

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Tai Viet fonts package

Thai Viet fonts for Firefox for Android.

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Translate your selection phraseon any web page in three language English, French and Arabic

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This Add-on adds a context-menu item to Firefox that allows you to easily post new words to http://wordaddict.fr

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