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Bdword Dictionary

Find translation of any word by clicking twice on any text.

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Dictionary of Computing

Think you're a computer expert? Look at this dictionary and find out whether you know at least 80% of the terms. If so - congratulations, you're a computer savvy! If not-start learning!

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Myanmar Language System Sin reiniciar

Myanmar System Writter

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English-Kurdish Translation

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Fix Bug 876101 Sin reiniciar

This extension is for Indonesian (id) locale only.

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FoxROCK Sin reiniciar

Bringing the good work of the ROCK to 400M Firefox users.

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samwin Click to Dial Sin reiniciar

samwin click to dial ermöglicht das direkte Anrufen von Nummern aus einer Seite mit dem samwin Agent.

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Spell it on phone Sin reiniciar

This Add-On will help you to spell out an email, name or address over the phone;
German / English / French spelling icluded

Api is used from

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WIDHURA Dictionary SelectX

WIDHURA Dictionary is a digital dictionary tool for Windows NT platform. this add-on can send selected text in Firefox web browser.

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日本語化 for Trello Sin reiniciar

Trello Web サイトの英語のメニューやボタン等を日本語で表示します。

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DivTranslate Sin reiniciar

Translate the selected keywords and statements with the Apertium translate engine

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101 usuarios Writing Service

Leave your homework to a professional essay service – the one we are! Essays Writers will do your writing schoolwork, and you won’t even notice it. 10$/page - that’s how cheap our services are! Free revisions on all orders! Only at!

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Backbone-Eye Sin reiniciar

Firebug Extension to debug Backbone applications

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法規亦毒氣 Sin reiniciar


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Translation Sin reiniciar

Translate your selection phraseon any web page in three language English, French and Arabic

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Lat1toArabic Sin reiniciar

Conversion les caractères sélectionné dans une page web du latin à arabe

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LatintoArabic Sin reiniciar

Latin character conversion to Arab

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Diccionario español - corrector ortográfico

Seleccione un texto en español que aparece en cualquier página web y obtener una revisión ortográfica de inmediato!

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Rikaichan Japanese-Dutch Dictionary File

This is a dictionary file add-on for the Rikaichan extension.

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Kain Na Yi Plug-in Sin reiniciar

Work as helper for changing Zawgyi to Unicode

For Support --

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