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Speechify Sin reiniciar

An add-on to convert your text to speech

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One-Click Translate Page Sin reiniciar

A basic Mozilla Firefox Add-On. Press the Translate button and the current page will open in Google Translate in your chosen language.

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Language Manager

Language Manager, Designed to manage language packs for Firefox web browsers this easy to use utility make it easy to manage installed language packs and always have the latest language pack installed.

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Abadis Persian Dictionary

Abadis Online Dictionary And Translator Addon

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Grammalecte [fr] Sin reiniciar

Correcteur grammatical dédié à la langue française.
Inclus : conjugueur, lexicographe, formateur de texte et dictionnaires orthographiques.

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eDictionary Sin reiniciar


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快翻 Sin reiniciar

“快翻”即时翻译扩展(A simple translator add-on),是一个方便快捷的中文友好翻译扩展,支持多种语言,对选词进行翻译的同时还可以进行WIKI查询。

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Quik la busqueda de Google y traducir Sin reiniciar

Quik acceso a Google Search y traducir cuando resaltando palabras.

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IME Area

"IME Area" changes background color of textarea when IME is opened.

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Grammarly for Firefox Sin reiniciar

Grammarly’s free spelling and grammar checker ensures that everything you type is easy to read, effective, and mistake-free. As you type, Grammarly underlines spelling mistakes and grammatical errors and helps you fix them on the fly.

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Americana Diccionario Ortografía Inglés

Seleccione un texto en Inglés Americano aparecer en cualquier página web y obtener una revisión ortográfica de inmediato!

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BingDict Sin reiniciar

Translate selected text on current web pages.
No need to leave current web pages.
Translate results come from Bing Translate.
Thanks for your support!

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Google selección Traducir Sin reiniciar

Seleccionar texto y sosteniendo tecla Alt, traducido resultado aparecerá en páginas web actuales.No hay necesidad de dejar páginas web actuales.Traducir los resultados vienen de Google Translate.

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Converts cyrrilic text to latin...

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Language learning : at every page load there appears a random Esperanto-Spanish word translated in the status bar. ...

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Indic Input Extension

Indian Language input for your Firefox! Supports Inscript, WX and Phonetic...

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Georgian-English and English-Georgian online dictionary.

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Bővített billentyűzet

Lehetővé teszi a nagykötőjel, a hárompont, a valódi magyar és angol idézőjelek és belső idézőjelek, illetve nemtörő szóköz bevitelét a billentyűzetről.

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Characterizer: Japanese and Chinese Reinforcement

Characterizer allows you to practice Japanese or Chinese characters while you read English (or other languages) by replacing the first letter (or entire word) with a character. For example, the word read might appear as 読ead.

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