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Lernu Vortaro Sin reiniciar

Ilo por uzi la vortaron je

Tool for using the dictionary at

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Rechtschreib Sin reiniciar

Wiederherstellung einer anständigen Rechtschreibung. Die sogenannte „reformierte“ Rechtschreibung entfernen.

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English - Vietnamese Dictionary Sin reiniciar

English - Vietnamese dictionary translate selected word
Từ điển Anh - Việt, lựa chọn từ để tra

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SPARQL support Sin reiniciar

support editing SPARQL queries in textarea

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Google™ Transliteration Sin reiniciar

Google™ Transliteration is a lite multi-language Transliteration tool.

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SreeVidya Sin reiniciar

Samskritham Transliteration

Read Sanskrit in any Indian script.
Currently supports - देवनागरी, മലയാളം, বাঙ্গালী, ಕನ್ನಡ, ગુજરાથી, తెలుగు, ਪੰਜਾਬੀ, தமிழ், ଓଡିୟା.

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Zawgyi-One Typing Correction Sin reiniciar

Zawgyi-One Typing Correction Extension for Firefox.

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Wordzit Sin reiniciar

the Wordzit addon translates the words you select with Google Translate and highlights the ones you learn.

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MUA Web Unicode Converter Sin reiniciar

It is a Firefox addons that will check web content and convert to Unicode encoded text if they are Zawgyi. It use Parabaik Converter and Myanmar Font Tagger Script(by Ko Thant Thet Khin Zaw).

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TUC SBService Translator Sin reiniciar

Translates the SBService of the TU Chemnitz (University in Germany) into English (There is no guarantee, that the translation is 100% acurate, use at own risk!). This AddOn is not affiliated nor endorsed by TU Chemnitz.

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Jisho Search Plugin Sin reiniciar

Allow the user to search selected test directly on Jisho dictionary

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Agregados August 19, 2015

Squid Thing Sin reiniciar

Provides convenient access to Squid Ring and SplatNet stage rotations くコ:彡

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Agregados August 18, 2015

Nepali Text-To-Speech Sin reiniciar

Nepali Text-to-speech application for reading Nepali unicode text using the firefox.

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Agregados August 11, 2015

Korektor Spellchecker Sin reiniciar

Allow using Korektor service on editable controls.

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Agregados August 8, 2015

Wordsaver for Quizlet Sin reiniciar

Save locally your words using:
1.Select word / words / text
2.Use one of :
2.1.Hotkey: CTRL+SHIFT+S
2.2.Right mouse button - "Save your words"
3.You can see saved text at the top-right corner of the screen - by clicking "pig" icon.

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Agregados August 5, 2015

Ayar Font Tool Sin reiniciar

This extension will help the users to read the texts written using famous Myanmar Encoding such as Ayar Unicode, Myanmar Unicode and Zawgyi. This addon will help you people can see various Myanmar encodings at the same page.

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Agregados July 18, 2015

Automatic Dictionary Switcher Sin reiniciar

Based on the text entered in a textarea, this add-on automatically detects the language and sets the corresponding spell checking dictionary.

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Answers Questions

Adds to browser simple answers questions scripts generator.

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Agregados July 15, 2015

latynka Sin reiniciar

Add-on for latinization of ukrainian texts

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MMTextArea-Firefox Sin reiniciar

MMTextArea-Firefox is built on top of Rabbit converter. It can convert easily text from Unicode <=> Zawgyi vice versa in new tab.

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Agregados July 6, 2015