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Livestreamer Launcher

Launches livestreamer via context menu.

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Auto Replay For Youtube

Auto replay Youtube videos to maximize your enjoyment

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BufferInfinite : Online Video Subtitling Service.

This addon lets you watch the YouTube videos with subtitles.

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Lol Stream Browser Compatible con Firefox 57+

An addon to find League of Legends livestreams

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NoBBB Necesita reiniciarse

Quer bloquear textos que postam relacionados ao Big Brother? O addon NoBBB bloqueia e permite que voce veja se quiser!

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A firefox addon which posts HTTP requests to Kodi using JSON-RPC to play or queue video URLs.

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travally Necesita reiniciarse

Remplace les chargeurs habituels de Travally en envoyant depuis votre navigation Travian les données à analyser sur Travally.

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YouTubeButton Necesita reiniciarse

Add a native looking button to Firefox on the Navigation Toolbar. Left click to go to YouTube, Middle click to open YouTube in a new tab.

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Humility Dofus - Alerte Live Necesita reiniciarse

Si vous souhaitez ne rater aucun stream d'Humility !
Cette extension est faites pour vous !

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Juegos Clasicos Gratis

Juegos Clasicos Gratis es un buscador para los amantes de los Juegos Gratuitos. Usa la mejor tecnología del mundo y es respetuoso con tu privacidad. Al instalarlo cambiamos tu página de inicio y añadimos una pestaña de en ambos casos.

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Easy Emoji Compatible con Firefox 57+

Easily find & copy any emoji(s) from your browser toolbar popup UI

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Gmail Toolbar Button Necesita reiniciarse

Gmail Button opens Gmail at a special tab.

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Tribal Wars Assistant Necesita reiniciarse

Tribal Wars Assistant assist free players of tribal wars to
1. easy navigation
2. auto farming
3. make map larger, analysis map easier
4. distance calculator
Add a lot more

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Débride automatiquement les vidéos Purevid. Remplacement du lecteur.

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3D! Necesita reiniciarse

Selected information & links to various 3D/CG apps, content and freebies.

Button appears in FF status bar, which is enabled by installing Adblock Plus.

No promises made as to end-user's resultant understanding of 3D/CG apps.

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Wisedock Europe

Mit Wisedock entdeckst du ständig neue Webseiten, die genau zu deinen Interessen passen, unterstützt Hilfsprojekte und verdienst Geld.
Dieses Add-on richtet dir Wisedock als Browser-Startseite ein.
Benutze dieses Add-on, wenn du in Europa wohnst.

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Back To Top Button

Back to top at any web pages. Easy and fast.

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132 usuarios - Live TV

Watch Live TV streaming without buffering, 100+ Indian and International channels are included.
Also watch Live Cricket and Live Football matches streaming. Chat with friends and discuss about show while watching it.

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Angry Birds Games

Many Angry Birds Games to be played on-line

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Twitch Video Control Compatible con Firefox 57+

Adds keyboard controls to the twitch html5 player.
f = toggle fullscreen
t = toggle theatre mode
m = toggle mute
k = toggle play/pause
j = jump back 10 seconds (in a recording)
l = leap forward 10 seconds (in a recording)

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