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Suscribirse Bypasser is known for serving malicious ads. This addon bypasses the timer countdown for links.

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Agregados December 23, 2016

Načíst v JOSM

Otevřít data (GPX stopu, obrázek, atd.) skrze kontextové menu a Dálkové ovládání v JOSM. (Předá URL programu JOSM - přes server, který JOSM publikuje na localhost:8111 - a JOSM už si samo načte data)

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Agregados December 20, 2016

Mixcloud Downloader

This extension adds an option "Download Mix" to the context menu, to download a mix from Mixcloud.

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Agregados December 14, 2016

Fire File Sender

Free file transfer

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Agregados December 12, 2016

Download Cleaner Lite

Automatically removes downloads from history after a set time.

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Agregados December 10, 2016

Open in Internet Explorer

Open current page or link in Microsoft Internet Explorer browser

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Agregados December 6, 2016

Tumblr video downloader

A Firefox WebExtension for easily download video from Tumblr website.

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Agregados December 5, 2016

YDL Tracker

Track youtube songs you want to download later with youtube-dl.

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Agregados November 30, 2016

Yandex Music Fisher

Скачивание музыки с сервисов Яндекс.Музыка и Яндекс.Радио

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Agregados November 28, 2016

Integración con GNOME Shell

Esta extensión proporciona integración con GNOME Shell y el correspondiente repositorio de extensiones

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Agregados November 18, 2016

Descargador de vídeos de Facebook

Esta extensión agrega un botón para descargar todos los videos de Facebook.

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Agregados November 15, 2016

YouTube a MP3

Inserta un botón en la pagina de Youtube , que permite con un solo clip descargar el Mp3 de un modo directo y con el maximo bitrate.
Nada de redirecionamientos, ni publicidad.

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Agregados November 15, 2016

Download Virus Checker

Automatically check all the downloads files against well-known anti-viruses using VirusTotal API

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Agregados November 12, 2016

YouTube MP4 Downloader

Download YouTube videos in MP4 format.

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Agregados November 11, 2016


Open Magnet Links Securely with AKANDI

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Agregados November 10, 2016

Scribd Downloader Free

Download Scribd Documents from for FREE in PDF, DOCX, TXT format instantly and no registration required.
The most trusted Scribd Downloader service on the internet

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Agregados November 10, 2016

Grab Any Media

GAM is an extension that helps users to find links to downloads of media files and streaming source, in addition offers the possibility to participate in OpenDB for sharing media links.

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Agregados November 9, 2016


Makes adding torrents easier by opening with your selection upon clicking a torrent or magnet link. Removes the need to copy and paste.

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Agregados November 3, 2016


Converts stories, or the submission description posted on into a ePub.

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Agregados November 2, 2016


Save all what you listen

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Agregados November 1, 2016