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Copy URL With Hash Sin reiniciar

Copy a page's URL with a hash at the end that identifies the location on the page

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Coagmento extension for Firefox

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Super Mario Cross

The legendary arcade game that has survived the ages and can still be found today in modern arcades. You may have played this game when you were a kid and want to have a bit of fun remembering what it was like.

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A job listing organizer. Save job listing with one click to online service.

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Domovská stránka pro váš prohlížeč

Vytvořte si vlastní Domovskou stránku, a umístěte si na ni libovolné odkazy a užitečné prvky.

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AVAfp 1.1 Sin reiniciar

Este complemento nos permite ingresar al Ambiente Virtual de Aprendizaje de las Fuerza Pública.

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Divel Notepad Sin reiniciar

Guarda notas rápidamente y léelas después

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Royal Passwords

Royal Passwords for Mozilla Firefox

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Guppit - Discover | Share | Earn

This extension helps the user to convert any URL to his own Guppit URL and share it on various social networking and bookmarking platforms in just one click, thereby saving his efforts in going to to do so.

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badgepix v1.0 Sin reiniciar

This addon allow you to Create and upload images or youtube videos as "badges" to It is a bookmark system similar to Pinterest.

Right Click on images is an easy way to select images that you wish to save as badges.

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Любимое Тв

На телеканале Любимое.ТВ Вас ждут добрые мультфильмы, детские улыбки, радость и хорошее настроение. В сетке канала более 450 лицензионных мультфильмов студии Союзмультфильм и Киевской киностудии научно-популярных фильмов.

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Fun Games Sin reiniciar

Enjoy the followings games
Brain Training,
Word Puzzles,
Picture Puzzles,
Angry Birds

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MakeMeResume Launcher

Quickly launch and access the MakeMeResume website in a single click

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Formlet for FF3

Saving form data to bookmarklets

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Online Free Games Sin reiniciar

Red Ball,
Rotate Mania,
Prince Of Persia,
Solitaire Forever,
Solitaire Galaxy,
Solitaire Ultra,
Off The Rails,
Road Attack,
Extreme Speed,
Mr Blu,
Parking Zone,

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Educational Games Sin reiniciar

Educational Games, Clueless Crossword, Math Lines, Cup Stacking, Missing Jigsaw, Musical Notes, Math Search, SEEK and Find, Crossword, Word Scramble, Broken Words, Code Breaking, Periodic Table, Memory Game, Clueless Crossword ,Color Mixing, Sudoku.

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Online Picture Games and Puzzles Sin reiniciar

Play with pictures to solve puzzles and solve puzzles to create pictures.
Can the puzzles be made using pictures? Or can pictures be made after solving puzzles. The answer to both the questions is yes and one will find both types of puzzles here.

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Online Jigsaw Puzzles Sin reiniciar

Many Different Jigsaw Puzzles to be solved on-line

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