Bookmarks Organizer Compatible con Firefox 57+

With the Bookmarks Organizer it's easy to put order in your bookmarks. The Bookmarks Organizer finds no longer working bookmarks, redirects, duplicates and more!

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Agregados April 18, 2017

JPG to PDF Converter Compatible con Firefox 57+

Get your JPG images converted to PDF documents instantly with This app also includes new tab page and options page that let you handle the tab pages.

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Agregados April 13, 2017

Undo Closed Tabs Button (revived) Compatible con Firefox 57+

Add a toolbar button onto any toolbar to undo closed tabs

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Agregados April 12, 2017

Octonet Compatible con Firefox 57+

Demonstrating toolbar buttons

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Agregados April 11, 2017

PutCut Compatible con Firefox 57+

Easily save and share links you like with the PutCut extension!

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Agregados April 8, 2017

The Cookery Browser Extension Compatible con Firefox 57+

Allows you to add new recipes to your Cookery account from any site you visit.

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Agregados April 3, 2017

Time Capsule Compatible con Firefox 57+

The best person to send you links matching your interests is a time-traveling version of yourself: set a periodicity when you bookmark a URL, and the tab will re-open in the future, be it an hour, a day, a month, a year, or a decade!

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Agregados April 2, 2017

Page Memo Compatible con Firefox 57+

Provide user to write note in any page.

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pememarks2 Necesita reiniciarse

IEのようなブックマークシステムです。ルートフォルダを任意に設定できるのでブックマークを共有したいときに使えます。Windows Networkの共有フォルダやsambaのそれを使ってできます。IEのブックマークシステムは1アイテム=1ファイルなので同期機能を必要としません。

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Agregados April 1, 2017

At Your Command Compatible con Firefox 57+

Manage your tabs and bookmarks using advanced user interface and gmail like search operators; e.g. name, url and folder. Save constructed queries. Select any number of resulting items and do something: common commands are already supported.

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Agregados March 30, 2017

Web pages scanner Compatible con Firefox 57+

Scan web pages for updates.

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Agregados March 29, 2017

ECSBAS Bookmark Checker Compatible con Firefox 57+

Access ECSBAS ( bookmarks. Use shortcut (CTRL-Y by default) or click 3 times to add/check the active page. HTML can be saved as local archive, and compared with any future version when it's checked again.

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Agregados March 28, 2017

Best Sidebar Bookmars Panel

More space for content - minor indentations, move Tree arrows to folder icon, transparent scrollbar. Other - Show only Other Bookmarks in Sidebar, Remove titlebar. Light theme Sidebar. All functions optionally.

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Agregados March 24, 2017

RShortNote Compatible con Firefox 57+

Allows the user to make short notes.

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Agregados March 24, 2017

TickerTocker Screen-sharing Extension

A screen-sharing extension for TickerTocker

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Agregados March 21, 2017

Accounts Receivable Software Compatible con Firefox 57+

Australia's #1 Accounts Receivable Software for small and medium businesses.
Accounts Receivable Software – ezyCollect automatically manages your collection processes and integrates into your existing accounting software.

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Agregados March 20, 2017

Czytelnia Compatible con Firefox 57+

Jednym kliknięciem zachowaj stronę na później.

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Agregados March 18, 2017

Chronica Compatible con Firefox 57+

Save all your url request with a timestamp.
Be careful, we get all your visited url request two.

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Agregados March 16, 2017

WebZalozky Compatible con Firefox 57+

Saves the current URL to - online bookmark manager

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Agregados March 15, 2017

Bookmarklets context menu Compatible con Firefox 57+

Add a context menu item contains only bookmarklets from bookmarks.

With this extension, bookmarklets can make cross-origin requests, write to the clipboard, communicate with addons, etc.

NEVER use untrusted bookmarklet!

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Agregados March 11, 2017