OpenWLANMap GeoLocation

Configures Firefox to use the free OpenWLANMap project for geolocation; all your data that are required for geolocation are sent to this free project instead to a (commercial) 3rd party afterwards

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Agregados August 16, 2011

Cookie Controller

Buttons for managing site cookie permissions, switching global cookie permissions on and off, browsing cookies, and removing cookies. The same functions are included for local and session storage.

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Agregados August 12, 2011

Google Music Downloader +Hotkeys+Artist Bio+Player Sin reiniciar

Google Music Downloader +Hotkeys +Artist Bio +Player

+ Downloader
+ Artist Biography
+ Mini Player
+ Hotkeys
+ Now Playing Notifications

Click on the link below to download the new version! (1.5.0)
( +Add to Firefox ) http://goo.gl/pk1J2

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Agregados August 11, 2011

FBCartonRouge 1.0 Sin reiniciar

Sanctionnez vos amis avec des cartons rouges et renvoyez les au vestiaires!

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Agregados August 10, 2011


The Web. Displayed Your Way.
Click to zap away rubbish.
Hack out the noise, read, print in peace.
* Widen Elements & Text.
* Save the changes to Stylish.
* Remove Sidebars & Ads.
* Black on White.
* Isolate.
User empowerment (bsd on aardvark)

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Agregados August 8, 2011


MozButton adds a small button to the Add-On bar that has the Mozilla Dinosaur Logo. When you click on the button, it brings you directly to the mozilla.org website in a new tab.

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Agregados August 8, 2011

Mini Tab

PL: Wszystkie karty oprócz aktywnej są zminimalizowane.
EN: All cards are in addition to the active minimized.

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Agregados August 8, 2011

Location Bar Enhancer Sin reiniciar

Changes the Location Bar of Firefox into a Breadcrumb display with rich and interactive features.

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Agregados August 4, 2011

Back Forward separate

PL: Przyciski Wstecz i Do przodu są rozdzielone, można je przenosić pojedynczo
EN: The buttons Back and Forward are separated, they can be moved individually.

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Agregados August 3, 2011

Ak Facebook Sohbet Eski Görüntü Sin reiniciar

Bu eklenti İle eski facebook sohbetinine dönersiniz Yeni Sohbete deli Olanlar İçin

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Agregados August 2, 2011

Get Back Old Facebook Chat Sin reiniciar

With this addon you can get back to you OLD Facebook Chat style and disable the newly introduced Chat Sidebar . Have fun and feel free to comment !

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Agregados August 2, 2011



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Element Inspector Sin reiniciar

Le traslada rápidamente hasta la entrada en el DOM Inspector de cualquier elemento

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Agregados August 2, 2011

Google Blogger expand posting form width

Google Blogger expand width of form of creating new post.
Note: current version is 0.3

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Agregados July 29, 2011

Mozilla Labs: Prospector - OneLiner Sin reiniciar

Combine the navigation bar and tab bar into one line with a button for search.

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Agregados July 28, 2011

Charazay World

Adds some useful features on Charazay Basketball Manager website.

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Agregados July 26, 2011

ur-upload Direktupload

Das Addon ermöglicht dem Nutzer mit einem einfachen Rechtsklick Bilder von jeder Website auf www.ur-upload.de hochzuladen. Nachdem das Bild hochgeladen wurde, werden dem Nutzer alle Links ausgeliefert.
Links: BB-Code, HTML-Code, Direktlink usw.

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Agregados July 26, 2011

Kiva.org UI Improvements

Adds some features to the viva.kiva.org web pages to make editing/translating easier.

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Agregados July 23, 2011

Text Formating Toolbar + Single Click downloader

Text Formatting Toolbar + Single Click attachment downloader for www.frendz4m.com

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Agregados July 22, 2011

TweetTheme / Twitter Interactive Theme Sin reiniciar

With this theme, capture the feel of Twitter, plus enjoy latest tweets in the news ticker, your full Twitter stream in sidebar and quick sharing of any web page you visit

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Agregados July 20, 2011