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1 USD in INR

The Add-On displays the Current Market price of 1 USD in INR on your Status Bar. Updates every 1 minute.

The Price is fetched from the web services provided by

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1-Click Last Second Bid Sniper Button for eBay

1-Click Schedule your eBay Snipe. Bid at the Last Second.

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365Scores Notificador

Resultados en Vivo, Noticias y Notificaciones en tiempo real de sus deportes favoritos!

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3FM Now Playing

Wat draait 3fm op dit moment?

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4PDA Инспектор

Это дополнение позволяет оставаться в курсе событий на форуме (новые сообщения, ответы на избранные темы) и в 1-2 клика переходить на интересующую Вас страницу.

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9kw Client Sin reiniciar - Captcha Service Addon

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A waiting notication monitor for Minichan BBS Sin reiniciar

Checks for new PMs, citations, and watched replies on Minichan BBS

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ABOCARD - Der Bonusmelder Sin reiniciar

Shoppen, Sparen und Gewinnen!
Der ABOCARD-Bonusmelder zeigt Ihnen beim Surfen automatisch, bei welchen Shops Sie ABOCARD-Vorteile erhalten.
Beim Klick auf das aktive Icon werden die verfügbaren Vorteile für die aktuelle Website angezeigt.

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ABV Notifier

Official notifier.

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activeCollab Notifications Sin reiniciar

Brings some of the great activeCollab features, right into your browser.

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A Direct link to the site ACV-AV, witch is the Site of Aeroclube de Cabo Verde - Avição Virtual. Um ícone que redireciona-o para o site do ACV-AV que o site de Aeroclube de Cabo Verde - Avição Virtual

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Add-on Recommender

Recommend add-ons which are suitable for the currently browsing site.

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Add-on Update Checker

Adds Tools menu item to check Add-ons for updates. Includes toolbar icon.

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Addon Status Logger Sin reiniciar

Logging addon status(install, disable, enable, uninstall).

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Addons Recent Updates

Show more addons recent updates

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Addvocate Sin reiniciar

Fresh, shareable content at your employees' fingertips.

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Want to keep your favourite Web sites alive even when you're using Adblock Plus? AdRemind.Me helps you to supporting your favourite Web sites in deactivating periodically Adblock Plus ad filters only on these sites for 20 seconds.

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affilinet Toolbar

The affilinet toolbar offers a wide range of information with respect to your current account status. Furthermore while surfing the web you can easily apply for a partnership to the corresponding affiliate program.

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Airtel broadband data tracker Sin reiniciar

This is an add-on which enables, one click check of remaining high speed data quota for Airtel broadband user.

1. This add-on works on those systems which is on airtel broadband connection.
2. Tested to be working in Karnataka, India.

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AKADO-Bar (Ekaterinburg)

Следит за балансом вашего счета в АКАДО (Екатеринбург)

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