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clipDO clips the web - Send to Kindle, fast and free web clipping from Firefox to Kindle

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ej.uz saīsinātājs

Saīsini garās saites ar ej.uz

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Гадание "Двойняшки"

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Advanced Amazon Discount Finder

Don't buy on Amazon.com at full price. List and find your favourite products and purchase it at discounted price!

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Reverse Translator

Use it to turn text backwards or forwards again. This is useful for Backwards Day on January 31st or for having fun with friends via messages and email. If you ever find backwards text, this tool will quickly make it readable with one click.

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Geo Bookmarker for transit Sin reiniciar


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Det Kongelige Bibliotek - fjernadgang

Højreklik på et link for at åbne det via fjernadgang på Det Kongelige Bibliotek
Right click a link to access it via the The Royal Library remote access proxy

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SafeID Sin reiniciar

This extension allows you to use SafeID service on websites which aren't integrated with SafeID yet.
SafeID generates unique virtual email address for every website you're using with it. Nobody will get your personal email address.

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Livewatch.de Erweiterung

Diese Erweiterung ermöglich Ihnen einen schnellen Überblick über Ihre eingerichteten Server.

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Off-campus proxy (MUN)

Get pages using Memorial University library's off campus proxy. This add-on is of interest only to patrons of Memorial University libraries.

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Google+ Bottom Right Icon Repositioning

Repositions an icon shown at the bottom right of each picture in Google Plus gallery. Icon will be displayed in the top left corner of the sreen instead so that it would not interfere with the image.

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Bypasses DNS-based censorship

NOTE: This was created as a SOPA protest in 2012. This does not work anymore for most sites. Use Tor instead.

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An extension button to enable users to share a link with a click. You can add contacts, remove contacts, and view your inbox with only one time login to the extension tool. You will be notified while browsing when receiving a link.

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Bahá'í Toolbar

The Bahá’í Toolbar provides instant access to official Bahá’í web sites, including news and learning resources.

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Naruto-Arena Forum Themes

A Mozilla Firefox Add-on with multiple themes designed for Naruto-Boards.com

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Go 2 CloudIs.Me

Official Addon: Click and you'll be home

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Süddeutsche.de Sin reiniciar

Dieses Feature liefert Ihnen einen kompletten Blick auf das aktuelle Zeitgeschehen. Lückenlose Recherche, detaillierte Berichte und fundierte Meinungen in bester SZ-Qualität.

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Image bookmarking Sin reiniciar

Image bookmarking Add-on
use this add-on to bookmark your favorite images
to your account in speakimg.com just by right clicking on the image page

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ODir Sin reiniciar

Finde ähnliche Webseiten

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Rapids Plugin

Rapids.pl umożliwia pobieranie danych z wielu popularnych hostingów plików takich jak Filesonic, Wupload, Rapidshare, HOTFILE, MegaUpload, MegaVideo i wiele innych.

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