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Strict Transport Security - Detector

It scrutinizes the HTTP Response Headers for the presence of Strict-Transport-Security Header. Information gathering tool to fingerprint the web server capability to show resistant to MITM (Man In The Middle) (sslstrip exploitation).

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LinkProtect Helper - Proteger Enlaces, Urls, Links

Gestionar y Proteger tus enlaces, links, urls.
Modificar links en miles de páginas desde un sólo lugar con un click!
Estadisticas y Origen del Tráfico!
Gana Dinero aún cuando tus enlaces no funcionen!
Protección Legal para Webs y Posteadores!

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Seo4 Toolbar

A Seo4 Toolbar is a perfect tool that helps you to estimate website value by incoming links, how many daily visitors, ads revenue a website has.

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Renren Photo Zoom

Renren Photo Zoom!

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Search Links

Creates links according to your search results.

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Absolute Addon Bugfix

This is a workaround for the well-known firefox bug where the addon window suddenly stays empty for no reason. Just enable or disable the extension once per browser session in order to keep the addon manager working.

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Prothom-alo.com news widget

Read Prothom-alo.com latest news without opening the new tab. it is more faster to read prothom-alo.com news.

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link-zettel.de (1) Sin reiniciar

Dieses Add-on arbeitet mit der Webseite link-zettel.de zusammen. Es ermöglicht das zentrale abspeichern von Lesezeichen über Browsergrenzen hinweg. Jedes Lesezeichen kann mit mehreren Tag versehen werden.

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Add menu item and toolbar button for Russian Mozilla forum users.
Original authors: Sergeys and Ragnaar.

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Игры от Nevosoft.ru

Новые игры от Nevosoft.ru

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Pour amasser les coins coins sur kapilands.fr
Cette extension apporte des aides pour le jeu de simulation économique kapilands (signature automatique pour la messagerie du jeu, calcul automatique des quantité pour une durée de production donnée)

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This add-on shows add-on bar electric power consumption rate Kyushu region in Japan.

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Twittag という twitter 関係の web サービスから得られる情報を twitter のユーザーページ上に表示する拡張機能です。

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Плагин для загрузки изображений на фотохостинг v-img.ru

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Find it on Homeshop18.com

'Find it on Homeshop18.com'. To search anything on Homeshop18.com

1. From any web-page, highlight the text you want to search
2. Right click on the highlighted text
3. Click on 'Find it on Homeshop18"

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Page size checker

This add-on will check the page size. If you specify a page size exceeds the warning alert dialog.

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ZikulaBug is Firebug extension which provides a friendly interface for Zikula's DebugToolbar.

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Hi-tech@mail.ru news

Last news from Hi-tech.mail.ru

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ASP.NET Errors Linkifier

Modifies ASP.NET error pages to displays links that allow to open the corresponding file in your favorite editor.

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