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Save and Organize with Clipix Sin reiniciar

Clipix is an unbelievably useful tool that lets you save and organize everything you care about.

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Save as EPUB

Cette extension permet aux utilisateurs de sauver une page web en tant que fichier EPUB (livre éléctronique).

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Save as PDF

Lets you download web pages as PDF in one click.

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Save Back to File from DOM Sin reiniciar

Save back a file URI scheme document, but save from DOM, which means it would save changes effected by JavaScript.

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Save Complete

Saves a webpage completely, providing a better alternative to the flawed built-in save functionality of Firefox.

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Save File to

Save links, images and web pages to user-defined folders and their sub-folders straight from context menu.

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Save For .It Sin reiniciar

Save For It is a budget-minded wishlist that saves all your online shopping lists in one place.

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Save Image in Folder

Easily save images in personally customized...

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Save Image to Downloads Sin reiniciar

Adds a right click direct download context menu item for images like on Safari.

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Save Images

Save Images saves the images from the current tab page, from the cache, to a specified location, with either the images original file name or a file name that you specify. The size and types of images saved may be chosen, with options if...

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Save Link in Folder

Easily save links in personally customized...

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Save Links on ALT-Click Sin reiniciar

Save links by alt-clicking on them.

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Save Money on eBay

Save money on eBay by searching for great deals and bargains online with our toolbar!

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Save My Tabs

Periodically saves info on all of your open tabs to a TSV text file (window/tab index, URL and title of each tab), thus creating a searchable history of URL visits.

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Save Page As

This is a small devision of Toolbar Buttons https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/2377/ or http://codefisher.org/toolbar_button/

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Save Session

Save Session guarda la sesion solo una vez.

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Save Session

This add-on will help the you save all the links opened to a session file and re-open session file any time later. Useful when you are investigating a topic and don't want to loose all the good links you came across or painfully book mark everyone.

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Save Tab Sin reiniciar

Save web address of Tab to unsorted bookmarks, for you view them later. Right click the blank area of Tab to popup the context menu, you can find the "Save This Tab" and "Save All Tab" menu item.

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Save Tab Title Sin reiniciar

A Firefox Add-on which saves the name of the current tab to a text file, which can then be used with streaming applications. The text file is updated when ever the title of the selected tab is changed.

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Save Text Area

This extension adds File Open and Save functionality to editable text fields and areas, in effect turning them into...

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