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PlayFlash 64bit

Flash player plugin - unofficial xpi repack for 64bit browsers. Use when official plugin installer is not suitable. All binary files are copyrighted by their authors and distributed for free.

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PlayincomTV Sin reiniciar

Soyez au courant quand votre streameur préféré commence à streamer!

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PlayIt On Kodi Sin reiniciar

Send Video Links to Kodi / PlayIt

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PlayIt on XBMC Sin reiniciar

PlayIt on XBMC sends selected URL to PlayIt service add-on installed on XBMC that resolves link to video and play/queue in player.

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Playit.pk Official

Play YouTube Embedded Videos on Playit.pk

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Playlistar.com Save MP3 Cross-Linking Bookmarklet

Places a cross-linking icon next to any .mp3 link on *any* visited page. Tied in to Playlistar.com username and account. Easily cross-link songs you find on audio blogs into playlists on Playlistar.com. The easiest playlist tool available.

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PlayOnTv Desktop - отправь видео на свой SmartTV Sin reiniciar

Воспроизведи любое видео на своём SmartTV

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Plaza+ Sin reiniciar

Adds several new features and commands to the 3DSPlaza chatrooms.

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Pleasuredome Tracker Ratio addon

It shows Pleasuredome´s Ratio in status bar.
Tool tip pop-up showing upload/download/ratio/rank.
Preferences to add FAH stats graphics from extremeoverclocking.com to the tool tip pop-up.
Right-click to display 10 latest torrents from www.pleasuredom...

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Pleezer Alpha Sin reiniciar

Permet de contrôler la lecture de la musique de Deezer peu importe la page internet que vous parcourez.
Manage Deezer's music on any web page you are browsing.

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PlexIt for Firefox

Easily send videos to your Plex server.

This add-on is built around the 'Plex It!' bookmarklet, which lets you save videos to your Watch Later playlist, recommend them to friends, or 'fling' them onto the big screen with your Plex Media Server.

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PLIDS Sin reiniciar

With our PLIDS Add-On we made it easy to plids any website you want. Just mark a keyword and click the Add-On icon. A new tab will open where you can finalize the plidsing of the website. Make sure you are logged in at https://plids.com

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Plná Peněženka Lištička Sin reiniciar

Doplněk Vás automaticky upozorní vždy, když je možné při nákupu v obchodě získat peníze zpět z nákupu.

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plpage Sin reiniciar

Add the current url in your plpage.net account.

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Plucki Sin reiniciar

Plucki is a Firefox extension for users who want to remove *all images* from their Internet experience. Most users, however, should *instead install Pluckeye*, a free content filter of which Plucki is one part, from http://www.pluckeye.net/.

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plugCubed Sin reiniciar

Adding a new dimension to plug.dj

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Plugin de Mega-Debrid

Mega-Debrid est un multi-débrideur permettant d'outre passer les limites imposées sur plus de 40 hébergeurs.
Utilisation réservée aux possesseurs d'un compte VIP sur le site www.mega-debrid.eu

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Plugin Disabler Sin reiniciar

Deactivates all plugins on startup.

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Plugin Mappy

Détection des adresses postales des sites web et lien vers leur plan mappy.

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Plugin para búsquedas por topónimos del IGAC Sin reiniciar

Georreferencia topónimos (nombres de lugares) de Colombia y muestra detalles del lugar.

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