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A simple game extension...

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Pin Image to Pinterest by right-clicking a image from a website.

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pinkTabs allows you to pick pink style decoration to your browser Tabs. Check out www.pinktheme.com/pinktabs/

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PinkTheme Pink Pack

The lovely, popular, and improved PinkTheme Extension Edition for Firefox. This extension brings a theme and extras to enhance your Firefox with a pink style.

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Search the web twice as fast as you used to with Pinkysearch, the search tool that enables you to both search and FIND faster, too.

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Pinnacle Gradesuite Test Editor Sin reiniciar

This addon allows users of the Pinnacle Gradesuite to test possible grades and see the outcome.

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Pinned Window extension for Firefox Sin reiniciar

Allows a window to be 'pinned' so new links will not be opened in that window.

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With one click, shorten long webpage URLs into PinnedURLs for use on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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An extension to take shanpshot of websites and pinterest them

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Send addresses or locations from any website, email or desktop to any smartphone on any network in the world!

Signup for an account on www.yourpinpoints.com

For a demonstration of the Add-on in action see http://www.yourpinpoints.com

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Pins Sin reiniciar

Widget for adding the current browser address to the Mac Pins Bookmark Manager

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PinTabAlt Sin reiniciar

Makes Firefox remember the pinned tabs present when you close a window but only if that window actually has pinned tabs present.

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Pinterest one click login

One click Pinterest account access!

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pinterest-guest Sin reiniciar

Allows to browse Pinterest without login/registration, removing the offending modal popup.
- unlock scrolling
- redirect to the categories from home page
- force show the search bar

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Pinterest™ Panel Sin reiniciar

Pinterest™ Panel is an easy way to check your Pinterest while you browse.

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Pipelining Firefox Sin reiniciar

A basic add-on to pipeline firefox.

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Pipocastv App Sin reiniciar

Pesquisa de legendas no site Pipocas.tv

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PIQ IT Sin reiniciar

Add images to the Olapic Social platform.

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Pirate Hook's Banana Extension Sin reiniciar

Substitutes apples to bananas. :)

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Pirate Theme with Personas Interactive Sin reiniciar

Created by http://BrandThunder.com where you can Build Your Own Browser Theme. Avast ye scurvy dogs! Weigh anchor and set course for fun with this awesome pirate browser theme

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