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Remove 'recommended' videos (recommended by youtube based on previous videos you've viewed) from your youtube homepage. http://geoffritchey.wordpress.com/2012/12/08/javascript-code-to-delete-youtubes-recommended/

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No "New Tweets" popup

When you use twitter on mobile after some time "New Tweets" pops reducing visual space in small devices. This small extension hides the 'New Tweets' popup in Twitter mobile website.

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No 'More' Yahoo!

Directly opens external links on Yahoo main page (http://www.yahoo.com) in a new tab. No need to load the one-paragraph Yahoo popup just to click the 'Read More' button to get to the actual external article any more.

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No Ads (IF3250-ITB)

Ads blocker using regular expression and CSS selector.

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No ADS Luna

Grazie a questo add-on non sarà più necessario cliccare ogni volta su "Continua a navigare...", il processo sarà automatico e la navigazione continuera' semplicemente attraverso le pubblicita' ben note a chi naviga con la rete FREE L.U.N.A.

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No Ads!

NO ADS on your favorite Web-sites!
Ваши любимые сайты без рекламы!

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No Annotations

Add-on for disabling annotations on YouTube.

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No Caption

Hide the caption of Firefox

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No Close Buttons

In Firefox 31, the browser.tabs.closeButtons option was removed. This addon forces what previously used to be a value of 2 for that option: no close buttons on any tabs.

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No Close Other Tabs Necesita reiniciarse

Removes "Close other tabs" context menu item.

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No Color Necesita reiniciarse

Remove colors and background images from the page by one click.

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No cookie for Google search

Disable cookies on Google search. Prevent Google from keeping track of your searches and showing customized results based on your profile. Cookies are still working with other Google services (gmail, reader, G+...)

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No cross-domain referer

This simple add-on changes Firefox settings such that the referer(referrer) header is sent only within a domain, not when linking to other domain.

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No dots Necesita reiniciarse

Aims to remove the dotted border that Firefox adds to certain elements.

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No Duplicated Authentication

Suppresses duplicated authentications for same target.

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No Enumerable Extensions

Addon that lets you hide your installed extensions and avoid being fingerprinted based on them

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No Euro 2008 countdown Necesita reiniciarse

This addon shows the days until UEFA EURO 2008 soccer championship is OVER!!!
Dieses addon zeigt die verbleibenden Tage, bis die EURO 2008 vorbei ist!!!

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No Facebook

This add-on block all content from facebook

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No FB Tracking Necesita reiniciarse

Prevent FaceBook(tm) to known the websites you visits.

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No Flash

Replace Youtube, Vimeo and Dailymotion Flash video players embedded on third-party website by the HTML5 counterpart when the content author still use the old style embed (Flash).

Source code at https://github.com/hfiguiere/no-flash

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