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Reddit Mutilator

Reddit Mutilator chops out the parts of reddit that you dislike. Currently supported are blocking NSFW submissions, submissions from a particular user or domain, comments from a user, and removing a variety of unnecessary UI elements.

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Reddit on Youtube Sin reiniciar

Adds Reddit comments to Youtube videos!

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Reddit Opener

Opens all current reddit links in new tabs and names them appropriately. Memorizes which links have been shown to you and does not open them again (e.g. when the site changes by upvotes/downvotes, only the new ones are opened up)

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Reddit Reveal

1.) Shows up/down votes for comments
2.) Shows user account age in days
3.) Show mark down source for comments and self-posts
4.) Shows vote score for new posts

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Reddit Search Quickfix

Reddit Search Quickfix is a simple addon that redirects all your Reddit searches to a Reddit-limited Google search. I have written this add-on due to sheer frustration with Reddit's poor search function. Hope you find this useful!

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Reddit Skwisgaarifyer Sin reiniciar

Sometimes changes text on reddit.com so thats it's spelleds, how you say, way more gooders than befores.

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Reddit Submission Finder Sin reiniciar

Extension to find previous reddit submissions of the current page.

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Reddit-Liquid-Streams Sin reiniciar

Reddit and Team Liquid Stream Viewer

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RedditBooru Sin reiniciar

Browser extension for RedditBooru

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Reddited Sin reiniciar

Has this page been reddited?

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RedditInfinity Sin reiniciar

Simple, lightweight infinite scrolling for reddit

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RedditNotifier Sin reiniciar

Notifies you of new messages and posts on reddit

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Redditrepost 0.1 Sin reiniciar

Creates a context menu item on reddit post links that searches for reposts.

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Reddoodle Sin reiniciar

A user generated doodles for Google powered by Reddit

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Redective - The Reddit Search Detective

Quickly search for information about Reddit users.

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RedFlagDeals.com Toolbar

Provides easy access to the deals and coupons from Canada's largest bargain hunting community.

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Redfly SEO Global For Google Search™

SEO Global For Google Search™ (Formerly Google Global) is an unobtrusive Firefox extension that allows you to see what the Google search results that you are viewing look like from different geographical locations.

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Redfly Tagger for Google Analytics™

The Redfly Tagger for use with Google Analytics™ is a simple Firefox extension enabling you to to quickly create custom URLs using Google Analytics parameters in a quick and easy "right click" lightbox interface.

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Redirect Bypasser Sin reiniciar

Avoid redirects and has direct access to the sites you want to visit.

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Redirect Check Client

An extension for retrieving and displaying the HTTP status code right beside the link on a page.

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