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Search Information in Freebase

Search Information in Freebase

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Search IP

This plugin adds three links to Firefox's context menu that lookup the selected IP address at Project Honey Pot, Utrace, spamhaus, senderbase,...

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Search it up!

Search phrases just by selecting them on the page and pressing CTRL+Q! If the selected text is a web adress, it will be opened instead of searched.

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Search Keys

Lets you go to search results by pressing the number of the search...

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Search Krumo for Drupal Sin reiniciar

Search Krumo Drupal module in Firefox add-on.

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Search Links

Creates links according to your search results.

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Search Marker

Search Marker enhances the "Highlight all" function of the Firefox findbar. It places tickmarks on the side of the page indicating where in the document the search term was...

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Search On Sin reiniciar

Search with any installed search engine from the context menu.

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Search on Engine Change

Automatically searches for the text in the search box when another search engine is selected.

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Search Organizer With Baskets

Organize sites that you want in a basket-like way. Take them with you and work even offline. All in a visual way. You can see thumbnails of any link that you're about to visit. with the help of thumbshots.org. Generally you can organize faster!

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Search Plus for Video

Search Plus enables video search on the most popular search engines - Google, Yahoo!,Windows Live Search, or Ask.com.

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Search quick scroll BETA Sin reiniciar

This extensions allows you to immediately find the text you are searching for on long pages.

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Search Scrub

Clears the contents of the search box after a search.

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Search Selected

Search selected text with any search services.

Install this addon → select any text on page → press "S" button on your keyboard → get search results for selected text.

It easy, fast and saves your search time!

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Search Selected Shortcuts Sin reiniciar

A time saver for searching webpage contents.

Just select the text then press some keyboard shortcut.
This add-on will open up a new tab and show the search engine results.

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Search Selected Text

From the Edit menu, you can perform a search for the selected text at any of installed search engine.

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Search Selection with SeekIt.gr

Allows users to search for selected text with http://SeekIt.gr 's search engine

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Search Sidebar for Firefox

Bringing advanced search back to Firefox ...

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Search Site

Search within current site from the search bar, or from the context menu, or by drag-and-drop into the search bar.

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Search Slate

Get a Google custom search engine with beautiful backgrounds every time you open a new tab.

After installing, simply go to http://www.searchslate.com and select a new theme if you want to change.

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