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reQall on firefox

Remember what you found on the web with reQall.

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Request Access

Sometimes we encounter "Firewall - Access denied for the web site you requested!" message while surfing from a corporate network. Unfortunately, firewalls sometimes rate a good valid site as blacklisted site. In that case we use to...

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Request Tracker Tracker Sin reiniciar

Notify about request tracker's transactions

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RequestPolicy Destacados

Controla las peticiones de dominio cruzado que son permitidas. Mejora la privacidad de tu navegacion. Te protege de ataques de Falsificacion de peticion de sitios cruzados (Cross-Site Request Forgery) y otros ataques similares.

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RequestPolicy Sync Sin reiniciar

Sync engine for RequestPolicy.

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RescueTime for Firefox

Keep track of the time you spend in your browser, and get a clear picture of what you were doing all day.

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Research Word

Search any word on a page via context (right click) menu or from Address Bar shortcuts from a variety of resources, including: Wikipedia, dictionaries, and media sites. Custom preferences allow you to add your own resources, labels and shortcuts.

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Reseller Ratings

Find the ResellerRatings.com review of the site you are...

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Reset Kiosk

Reset homepage view after period of inactivity, aka 'kiosk mode'. Options for forcing fullscreen mode and clearing recent browsing history, cookies and cache.

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Reset Search Timer Sin reiniciar

A simple timer that resets your search engine to a predefined preference.

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Some useful reset functionalities to searchbar.

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Resizeable Textarea

resize small textareas

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Resize and position Firefox with keys: ALT+1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 0.

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Resize images using...

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Resolve IP Sin reiniciar

Shows IP of current site.

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Resource Finder Sin reiniciar

An add-on used to search Bower for assets to use with CodePen and apps like it.

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Sozlukte resim gostergeci

Eksisozlukte gordugum isimleri Google Images'ta aramaktan usandigim icin hazirladim bu eklentiyi.

Eklenti o an sag frame'de okumakta oldugunuz basligi Google Images'te arar, buldugu ilk resmi sag frame'e ekler.

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response-timeout-24-hours Sin reiniciar

This plugin sets the response timeout to 24 hours.

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RESResearch Sin reiniciar

Reddit Research
More information is available at http://resresearch.org

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REST Easy Sin reiniciar

A simple REST client for Firefox

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