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screen sharing

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Enter The Matrix

Toggle between all black background-white text, monospace font user style sheet and normal default style sheet. Useful for late night development.

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Firefox extension to enable screen capturing

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Thin Bookmarks

Provides you with the ability to customize the bookmarks bar, for example the height, if certain elements should be displayed or not and more.

Please see the description for updates!

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Remove Resizer

Removes (disables) the bottom right corner resizer (gripper).

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Screen-sharing extension for xplorify.net

This firefox extension is developed for http://tokbox.com/. It doesn't do anything except capturing content of your screen.

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Hantering av länkar externt i Venato Desktop

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vk.com Advertisement Blocker

Дополнение позволяет скрывать нежелательные посты из ленты в социальной сети vk.com

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LOC EAD Beautifier

Improves and beautifies the Library of Congress's documentation for Encoded Archival Description. (EAD).

Source: https://github.com/nodanaonlyzuul/loc-ead-beautifier-ff

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FX Trend Orders

FX-Trend withdrawal monitoring

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Nuggets shows you the links shared by your friends on the websites you're browsing

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Tool for Google disavow backlinks tool!

This tool will help you to check all backlinks to your website and generate right file to disavow backlinks. Just one click per one page. This tool will save your time.

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xjonny84x Necesita reiniciarse

Soyez au courant des que xjonny84x stream

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Spillo extension

Take full control over your bookmarks on Pinboard

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facePaste Reloaded Necesita reiniciarse

Bugfix of the original facePaste. The original doesen't work with Firefox 36

Fell free to make a paypal donation: umpani_mozilla@gmx.de

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invoxCall Necesita reiniciarse

InvoxCall is the extension that lets you easily call from your Numintec's extension. It only needs a simply click to call

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adiary-tan Inside Necesita reiniciarse

Power up your Firefox by adiary-tan.

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SJL's URL shortener

A simple URL shortener provides quick and simple access for generating short URLs from either a link or the current page loaded in the browser via context menus. Results end up being placed into the system clipboard.

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Screensharing for Solved

Screensharing add-on for Solved.io.
Click “add to Firefox” to share your screen with your expert.

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Trello Improvements

Improve your trello experience.
Automatically count trello cards, enhance existing and add new features, UI improvements.

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