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Easy to remember Secure Passwords! Use Files instead of passwords.

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ShareDownloader Remote Extension

Simple and easy way to send links to your ShareDownloader App.

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VIPTel Click

Umožňuje telefonovať kliknutím na akékoľvek číslo na webe, spojením služieb VIPTel a kompatibilného telefónu či telefónnej ústredne.

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Adds some features (zooming, rotating, etc.) when viewing stand-alone images

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Auto Close Tab

Automatically closes matching tab that is opened or refreshed.

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Org-mode Capture

Take notes and register bookmarks in Org-mode with Org-protocol

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Random Bookmark From Folder

Open a random bookmark from a folder of your choice

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The AnnoMarket Web Page Annotation Plugin allows the users to annotate webpages of their interest using a variety of annotation tools provided by the AnnoMarket platform. The plugin allows the user to process web pages directly from the browser.

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Get access to more than 100M daily use sentences with this one simple interface right from your browser.

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Watch LESS

Watch LESS files for changes and compile them automatically to CSS.

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Warn when visiting hosts vulnerable to the Heartbleed attack by overlaying the page with a bleeding heart

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easyGestures N

A fully customizable pie menu for browsing the Web from where your cursor is located; a fork of easyGestures 4.3.2.

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IMDB Filter Helper Necesita reiniciarse

Helps filter imdb searches.

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GruntarTV para Firefox
Notifica quando Gruntar estiver online

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Soda PDF Online Services Necesita reiniciarse

Estas herramientas potentes y al mismo tiempo fáciles de usar le otorgan libertad para trabajar con sus documentos PDF desde su navegador web, sin necesidad de descargar ningún software adicional.

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Bookmark Flypaper

Flypaper consists of strings or regular expressions to which matching pages stick in the form of bookmarks.

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Toktogi is a popup Korean-English dictionary. Simply hover the mouse in front of a Korean word on a page and a box will pop up with the definition in English. Toktogi is inspired by the Japanese language learning extensions Rikaichan and Rikaikun.

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Install Collection

Install add-ons from a collection page on addons.mozilla.org in a few clicks

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Secretly Meet - mensajes secretos

Crear un sitio web que existe siempre y cuando el navegador no está abierto.Intercambio de mensajes,enviar fotos,compartir archivos.

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Shift+LeftClick opens links in a new active tab

This simple addon has only this functionality, nothing else: it opens links in a new active tab with Shift+LeftClick (left mouse button click), not in a new window
Mainly for users, who used this shotcut in other browsers (e.g. Opera 12).

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