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滴答清单 Necesita reiniciarse

使用滴答清单,可以轻松进行任务管理、日程管理(GTD)和时间管理等,配备强大的记事和提醒功能!滴答清单拥有自己的网站, 能够让您备份同步您的所有任务。我们相信,使用滴答清单能让您更高效的工作,更合理的规划时间和安排生活!

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Pretty Good ID

Experimental addon for PGID (Pretty Good ID), a more convenient and secure method for logging into websites without using passwords.

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Link Ninja Necesita reiniciarse

Link Ninja allows you to swiftly select multiple links by opening a selection rectangle with your mouse. Once your selection is complete a configurable action can be applied to the result. Targeting Rules can be specified to constraint the selection.

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XML Monospace Necesita reiniciarse

Displays xml responses with View > Page Style > Monospace.

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Bookmarks by Studioapps

Bookmarks is the 21st century bookmarking tool for teams.

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Bagf Save Bunnies

A little side project of Bagf! We want to help stop the spread of rabbit meat!

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Tulum Expertizer!

Computes the 'medical expert degree' of any health-related document.

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Read Japanese websites more easily with ReadPanel - click any word to see its dictionary definition instantly. Articles you read can also be saved and synced across your devices for studying anywhere.

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Special Order

Easy card lookup for Android: Netrunner

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ESMART Token PKCS11 module

Addon configures Firefox to recognize the ESMART Token PKCS#11 security module.

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Connect Find-A-Record to your tree in FamilySearch

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O Amigão vai ajudar mostrando a reputação das empresas online no seu navegador

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Spiele Helper

Аддон, позволяющий перейти на запасной домен сайта, если основной недоступен. Список хранится внутри аддона, проверка ведётся способом, который позволяет отказаться от добавления на проверяемый сайт чего-либо лишнего.

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Lets you create a short URL for the current page or selected link using the URL shortener of your choice.

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Minimalist Bookmarks Toolbar Necesita reiniciarse

Swipe to the upper-left of your browser screen to access your bookmarks!

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Recommendation Box

The smartest way to buy online. Discover the best discounts while you are surfing on your favorite sites.

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Diese Add-on integriert den Kurzlink-Dienst KShor.de direkt in den Browser.

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discus.im Necesita reiniciarse

Лучшие дискуссии из бездны баша

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PC-Pros Safety Net

Monitors and redirects browsers to known safe URLS as managed remotely by your IT team.

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