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Zing! Locale Switcher Sin reiniciar

Want to change from one language to another? Zing! and the locale is switched.

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Цензор.НЕТ - новости Украины

Украинская политика в комментариях электората

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KakuyLive Social Browsing

KakuyLive is the first social search engine in the market uniting people performing the same searches from any conventional search engine (google, yahoo, bing, yandex, baidu) and joining them so they can share information relevant to their interests.

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MegaGet ParallelStreamer

Open videostreams in the best parallel streamer: download video with multiple parallel threads to increase your speed ratio and decrease lacks. Actually supported platforms: firedrive, nowvideo, speedvideo, xvidstage.

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JSFiddle / CodePen pour developpez.com Sin reiniciar

Intégration de JSFiddle et CodePen dans le forum developpez.net

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White Noise Generator Sin reiniciar

This addon opens random websites within a randomly chosen delay. Third persons have no chance to see a difference between randomly opened websites and intentionally opened websites.

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Hide Img Tag

Hides all the tags <IMG> in the page using a "display:none" style.
So you can easily copy texts without copying the "alt" value of the image.

Does not affect images placed as background.

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GitHub submodule links Sin reiniciar

Hyperlinks submodule hashes and submodule diffs on GitHub.

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Flesko Sin reiniciar

Encuentra descuentos mientras compras online! Instálalo y podrás ver todos los códigos disponibles para tus tiendas favoritas.

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Australis Small Icons Sin reiniciar

Small icons view for firefox australis. Makes navigation and tabs toolbar buttons smaller to save space.

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Citace PRO VUT

Načte DOI nebo ISBN do systému Citace PRO VUT.

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Vote for Pets Sin reiniciar

An extension that will replace images identified South African politicians with a cute animal looking for a forever home.
Technical issues : help@voteforpets.co.za (please don't post questions here)
Learn more: www.voteforpets.co.za

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SearchBox Hotkey Sin reiniciar

Hotkey for the topmost search box within web pages.

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Are you a fan of DogeCoin? So am I! With this extention, you will be able to see that happy mail icon anywhere on Reddit anytime you get a message!

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Snapicate Sin reiniciar

Snap shots of your entire browser, save with authenticated date and share with anyone.

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Reddcoin Tip Platform Sin reiniciar

Adds a tip button to reddit, twitch, and twitter.

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Search++ Menu addon for academics (DOI, Scholar) Sin reiniciar

A simple context-menu addon for academics. Highlight a piece of text on a page and right-click. Menu will contain options to directly search (using the highlighted text). Useful for quickly searching for an article and skip an extra step.

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LOR Notifier Sin reiniciar

Показывает количество непрочитанных уведомлений на linux.org.ru.

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URL Tooltip for Firefox 15+

Displays target URL in tooltips.

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