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Newspatio turns new tabs into beautiful news feeds.

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"A foxier way to browse Shacknews.com's chatty."

Adds functionality and interactivity to shacknews.com/chatty.

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Расширение, улучшающее возможности сайта Pikabu.ru

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Media Key Support

Add support for global media keys

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Screen share in Firefox

Firefox extension to enable screen share for real time screen share .

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Oscar HQIC HMP-Central Brampton FHT - Necesita reiniciarse

Link to Intellidash, HMP functionality

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The startup discovery engine. Startuptabs help you discover new startups with every tab you open.

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Foodprint beräknar recept på Internets koldioxidutsläpp. Genom att installera detta Firefox add-on så får du en automatiskt beräkning av recept på Internets koldioxidutsläpp. Det fungerar på Sveriges största webbplatser för recept.

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New Host Notification

Notifies you the first time you visit a host.

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Generate a Wikipedia citation from the current page, using Reflinks.

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BackTrack Tab History

Links that are opened in new tabs (and optionally in new windows) retain the "back" (session) history from the parent window.

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About Pages List

Very simple Firefox add-on consisting in a button which shows a list of all the "about" pages (including some other add-ons' "abouts"). Forked from "What about:..".

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Если наш сайт блокируется Вашим провайдером, воспользуйтесь данным плагином и Вы мгновенно забудете об этой проблеме.

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DevTools Toolbar Items Necesita reiniciarse

Adds a toggle devtools button, a responsive mode button, an eyedropper button, a scratchpad button, a browser Toolbox button, a page source button and a developer toolbar button for easy access.

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Displays latest ksbtehchies News in a popup widget
Get all the Latest ksbtehchies News headline with a single click.

Opens a popup widget with the latest news headlines.

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Easy Google PageRank Checker, Simple and Fast

Check websites Google PageRank, easy to use, fast to response. The best Google PageRank checker.

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Generate unique usernames to preserve your identity when signing up for websites.

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Cobra Online Security ATD

Protects your privacy from Phishing, Scamming, Malwares, Harmful Js and online threats. Advance Threat Defense for your browser.

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Habbox Live Radio Player

A firefox radio player extension for Habbox Live

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dM TabCounter

Contador de pestañas instantáneo.

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