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Rapidshare Remote-Upload Helper

Script, dass die Rapidshare.com killjob-links in vorselektierte checkboxen umwandelt.

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KWICK! URL Shortener

Generiert eine verkürzte KWICK! URL

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Pardus Copilot

Pardus MMORPG Trading Tool

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Unified Search

Compare Bing, Wolfram, Wikipedia, Delicious, Stumbleupon with Google side-by-side, get the best of these very different search engines, content providers, and social bookmarks

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CyberMentors Add-on For Firefox

This add-on is for participants in the CyberMentors project, for young people to help and support each other online. CyberMentors is a Beatbullying project. For more information, please visit: http://www.cybermentors.org.uk/

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Grid Proxy Manager

The Grid Proxy Manager is a Firefox addon that can create and upload proxy
certificates to a MyProxy server. This certificates can be used to communicate
with grid computers that use the Globus Toolkit as grid middleware.

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Infopages toolbar

Uncover everything about anyone on the web - Comprehensive People Search Engine

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Schedule tabs to open at specific times.

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Puts a simple menu item to the pop-up menu of firefox, for searching the selected text using www.sozluk.web.tr Turkish dictionary site. Menu item opens a new sozluk.web.tr window which contains the translation of the selected word.
Atilim Alci

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NHL's Minnesota Wild - Official Theme Sin reiniciar

NHL Minnesota Wild - Official Hockey Theme includes: links to the Wild's site, news and a sidebar with video, twitter & more!

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ObPwd (Object-based Password) - Password generator

Generate strong text passwords from your photos, audio/video files, and documents.

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Send to: Phone

Send any link to a cellphone

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Highlights, is an ultra-light-weight (18 KB) multi-color highlighting tool to highlight text on web pages with a right-click. Highlights are saved in a user-defined folder and saved highlights are automatically loaded when page is revisited.

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Facebook Web Forum

Facebook Web Forum. Chat on any web site you browse.

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Auto Arrange Window After Detach Tab

Auto arrange window after detach tab when the tab drop onto ContentArea.
Drag drop to the second monitor is possible.

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Complement per a escurçar adreces web per mitjà del servei proveït a http://ves.cat

Problemes per a les seguents plataformes :
* Mac

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Photolize add-on is the fastest way to use pictures from a random web-page. Send a picture to a friend by MMS directly from the web, create a postcard or share the picture on your Facebook wall. PS! Currently this add-on only works for Norway.

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Private Browsing Command Line Flag

Adds a "private" switch to enable private browsing from the command line. *Note* This feature was added to the firefox core with version 3.6 and is no longer necessary.

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