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HTML5 Converter

YouTube HTML5 converter

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Soutez Pexeso

Hack pro FB soutez Pexeso (https://apps.facebook.com/soutezpexeso/)

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Plugins App-Dir Restorer Requires Restart

Restores the loading of plugins from the folder "plugins" in the application directory.

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AVAfp 1.1

Este complemento nos permite ingresar al Ambiente Virtual de Aprendizaje de las Fuerza Pública.

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Upload Image Addon | Xum Requires Restart

Upload Photo Simply on Http://www.xum.ir Using API

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GIHFilter Requires Restart

GIH Plug-in Amacı; Çocuk ve Ailelerin Daha Güvenli Ve Daha Temiz Aramalar Yaparak, Uygunsuz Ve Bahis İçerikli Sitelerden Korunmanızı Sağlar

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Some extra style-ing for www.trafictube.ro

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Ads Fund Official Add-on

Optionally see Ads Fund adverts while using the web.

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Cerca Treno Toolbar Requires Restart

Consente la ricerca di un treno di Trenitalia.

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MP3Skull.co Toolbar

Search music and mp3 easily without visiting mp3skull.co search. Search result page will open result page from mp3skull.co and will be opened in new tab. Download mp3 easily with single click from search result page.

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ADF Refresh Requires Restart

Refresh any ADF page removing all its parameters.

Caution: The logic just removes all the query parameters and refreshes the page. Be cautious on pages other than ADF.

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Google Favicon Requires Restart

Anzeige von Favicons in den Google Suchergebnissen. Google Instant Ready!

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Mirinda Templates

Templates para personalizar tu Facebook

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Inject credentials into the password manager at runtime using JS - useful when doing test automation

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New Tab in Tab Context Menu

Restore the New Tab menu item to the tab contestual menu (Right click on a tab). Powered by Addon-SDK.

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Change to Simple Text

Change clipboard data to simple(plain) text

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Remove Yahoo Tracking

Remove Yahoo Tracking(redirect) at Click link in Yahoo Search

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No cookie for Google search

Disable cookies on Google search. Prevent Google from keeping track of your searches and showing customized results based on your profile. Cookies are still working with other Google services (gmail, reader, G+...)

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Anti-Porn Warning

Displays a warning against porn on opening private tabs and windows.

Aimed at helping porn-addicts give up porn thanks to their will and a reminder a common point of temptation inside their browser.

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