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Number Tabs Sin reiniciar

Press F1 to number the Tabs beginning from the active tab.

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JSON Inspector Sin reiniciar

Inspect JSON object from a URL or entered data.
Requires either DOM Inspector or DOM Inspector Plus! [dm] extension.

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預設中文字型微調 Sin reiniciar


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The Social Network to connect with the world!

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WorkspaceHopper Sin reiniciar

Provides adjustable keyboard shortcuts to jump to last used workspace (tab/window).

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Bookmarks Toolbar Keyboard Navigation Sin reiniciar

Add keyboard navigation between bookmarks in the bookmarks toolbar and an accesskey to activate it.
You can activate the toolbar with ctrl-alt-b, but that can be changed in the addon options.

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Parayumpole Sin reiniciar

Parayumpole English-Malayalam Phonetic Transliteration Application

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Link2Code Sin reiniciar

You'll get a QRCode corresponding to the element where the context-menu was invoked:
blank area of a page: page URL,
link: link URL,
image: image source URL,
selection: selection text.

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Quick Options Sin reiniciar

Firefox for Windows only.
Quickly accessing Options pane from Firefox Options menu.
Supports ALL languages.

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Fünf Bücher

Kaufst Du regelmäßig bei Amazon ein? Mit diesem Plugin hilfst Du künftig automatisch mit jedem Artikel einem gemeinnützigen Projekt.

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Remember,Bookmark and share your favorites links, Create your own clippings from web content , news, info , interests.. Discover what interest your friends

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simple-scroll-to-top Sin reiniciar

It's a simple edition of scroll to top

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L'Actualisation Pole Emploi en quelques clics

Ne ratez pas votre prochaine actualisation mensuelle avec ce nouveau service !
Cliquez sur le bouton vert ci-dessous : "Ajouter à Firefox" pour l'utiliser sur votre navigateur Mozilla Firefox.

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Links completer

Complete random links

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ČSFD Vyhledávač

Vyhledávání na Česko-Slovenské filmové databázi. Výsledky se zobrazují přímo v popup okně, aniž by jste museli přejít na web csfd.cz

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Faster tab browsing Sin reiniciar

A productivity add-on to help manage large amounts of tabs. Use hotkeys to browse tabs faster, and tab favorites to quickly return to often used tabs.

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redshare Sin reiniciar

Adds entries to the context menu that allow the user to share images, links, the page URL or a selection on his Red Matrix account easily: A new tab with a configurable Red Matrix site is opened, and the item is inserted into the textarea.

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Campus Connection Grader Sin reiniciar

Loads grades into NDUS Campus Connection. Click Preferences to practice without Campus Connection.

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EnigmaGPG Sin reiniciar

Enigma GPG allows you to encrypt messages through internet web applications. Ensuring the authenticity, privacy and confidentiality of messages for your Business.

Note: Plugin for Demo Live

Web Site: http://www.enigmagpg.com

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