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Rock3tvid Sin reiniciar

Convertissez vos vidéos et musiques de Vimeo, SoundCloud, YouTube, Dailymotion, MyVideo et Uptobox !
Depuis plusieurs mois maintenant, les principaux fournisseurs d’accès internet en France (Free, Orange et SFR) brident le streaming sur YouTube.

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Любимое Тв

На телеканале Любимое.ТВ Вас ждут добрые мультфильмы, детские улыбки, радость и хорошее настроение. В сетке канала более 450 лицензионных мультфильмов студии Союзмультфильм и Киевской киностудии научно-популярных фильмов.

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Anatomicus - Anatomy Guide

Exploration of human body with visual effects is so easy now. You can find anatomy atlases and descriptions on this medical library.

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Toggle Link Visited Status

Toggles visited status of links.

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DeferredTo faster Firefox web browsing Sin reiniciar

DeferredTo strives faster web page loading. This extension loads content which is in the visible area of the page first. It defers loading of content that is below the visible screen. Large size content loaded just in time: images, media and frames

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Slick Write

Take your writing to the next level.

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FCFS calculator Sin reiniciar

This is FCFS calculator that i have made ​​as a coursework for operating systems.

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badgepix v1.0 Sin reiniciar

This addon allow you to Create and upload images or youtube videos as "badges" to badgepix.com. It is a bookmark system similar to Pinterest.

Right Click on images is an easy way to select images that you wish to save as badges.

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Grassboy Clipboard Sin reiniciar


gClipboard 使用方式: gClipboard([function]): 取得系統剪貼簿的內容,並傳回至 callback function;

gClipboard([string/number/object], [authToken]): 將 [string/number/object] 複製至系統剪貼簿
authToken 可不指定,但若 authToken 與系統設定的相同,則無條件略過確認訊息

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Propelink Sin reiniciar

Générez vos liens sur Propelink

Le Premier outil qui va « vraiment » Boostez votre visibilité !!!

Multipliez le nombre de visites qualifiées.
Boostez votre notoriété
Accélérez les conversions spontanées

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Quick note release Sin reiniciar

Makes personal quick notes to your database

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Super Great Site! Sin reiniciar

The Official Super Great Site! Add on for Firefox!

More Details Below

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求職小幫手 (Job Helper)

逛人力銀行時即時顯示公司不利於員工的紀錄, 以利求職者對公司有更一步的了解

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Clear All Cookies Button Sin reiniciar

A button to clear all cookies on left click, and show cookies on right click.

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Sticky Plus Highlighter & Anchor/Link/ToC sidebar

Permanent multicolor rich sticky notes and highlighter. An Adobe like web annotation tool, with 6 predefined colors +3 more text styles. Combined Sidebar with grouped/flat view navigating for annotations + list all anchors/links/headings(ToC).

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BBI Control Sin reiniciar

Provides additional control for the BigBlueInteractive forum, such as whitelisting and blacklisting users.

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sepsis-console (Deprecated)

THIS VERSION IS DEPRECATED. Use https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/developers/addon/sepsis-console instead. See the description below.

sepsis-console is a general-purpose JavaScript console for all Mozilla toolkit applications.

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View Histree

Displays Firefox history as a tree.

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IPerity Click-to-Call

Allows calling anything on a website that looks like a phone number

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