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Tried it with several different sites. It doesn't work. Doesn't pop up or anything letting me know about other websites. It literally does nothing. Don't bother downloading.

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Used this toolbar twice now and saved over £110 so far. Really quick & easy to use. Recommended.


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What a great tool from Which? really easy to use and not obtrusive - just points out websites where you can buy the same product...but cheaper :-) We all need to save money and this plug in really helps, there are others available but I trust Which?

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Easy to install and really works, just saved myself money in the sales - new cooker on the way. I usually just use the comparison sites but this makes things even easier.

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this is well...handy! unobtrusive yet useful, and no impact on browser performance; well worth a go if you'd like to save some money

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I love this toolbar! I downloaded it ages ago and forgot about it until I was browsing for a pram and then it kicked into action! Not only did I end up saving over £100 from a certain well known baby retailer (!) but I also got some good advice on which pram to choose in the first place. Brilliant.

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This works really well. The product matching is surprisingly accurate.

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I saved over £100 using this plugin when buying a new Dyson Vac - and the Which buying guide was really handy. Highly recommended!

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Forgot I even had it! Came in very useful when I bought my new Smart TV. Will definitely recommend it to family & friends.

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Very clever, intuitive and useful. The toolbar makes it easy to compare prices and get the best deal.

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brilliant and very easy

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Bin gerade in London für ein Auslandssemester angekommen und muss mir jede Menge Haushaltsgeräte besorgen. Dieses Tool hilft!

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Saved me time which always means...money.

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I recently installed the toolbar and on my use, I performed a google search for some network plugs and the toolbar found me an alternative supplier and saved me £15! Excellent!

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My Xmas shopping has just become easy and alot less expensive. I have saved money on every purchase so far! The information is clear and all in one place from trusted retailers. Amazing add-on.

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Choosing a new TV is tricky with so much choice and such variations in price. The Which? Shopping Toolbar popped up with the price variations and saved me over £50! Simple to use tool that genuinely works - well done Which?

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I don't normally do the whole reviews thing; but I feel I owe it to Which? on this occasion. This thing is really cool. Totally forgot I had it and it just popped up and saved me £56!

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I was looking to buy a child's buggy. Searched on Google and Mothercare showed top with a price match as part of their ad.

When I visited the site the which? bar popped up and told me I can get it £10 cheaper.

There's so many top retailers offering price match deals the Which? bar helps you make the most of them, or exposes the scams - I'm going to keep using it. Thx

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I thought the videos and the price comparison worked well.

just used it again saved £58

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Thank you for your feedback jerseyboy007. We're extremely sorry you did not get the experience you hoped for; however, we have done extensive tests and found that the shopping companion does work on all the sites you listed. We are confident that our coverage is as good as any other shopping comparison add-on on the market.

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