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Heya, I'm hoping you can help me. I just downloaded Stealthy to access Netflix US after Hola stopped working on Chrome but the Stealthy icon will not show up in the top right hand corner of my browser even if i disable it and enable it and tell it in the options to auto on when i launch firefox.

please help as i was really enjoying flashpoint on netflix us...

many thanx

Please do the following:
Go to Options -> Toolbar Layout, find the stealthy icon and drag it to the desired location.

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Doesn't seem to work anymore. And I can't quit monthly charge. うまく機能しなかったので別のソフトを使うことにしました。また、毎月課金され続けていいますが、カスタマーサービスにメール twitter などで問い合わせても返事がなく辞めることができません。

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i still cannot access wordpress T_T

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The Addon (pro) used to work perfectly, but for almost two weeks now I've experienced trouble watching Hulu! I wrote several feedback emails to the makers of Stealthy, but no response and seemingly no intention to help me! Hulu won't let me watch shows anymore, because they somehow detected me (better: my IP) using "an anonymous proxy tool".

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Нерабочее гавно. Надо покупать подписку 44 евро, триала нет. Хотя автор пиздит что есть.

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I just want to thank everyone who takes the time out to write reviews it saves me a lot of time great job, Guys!!!

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was good for a day or two when I first added it awhile back before Firefox 27, but very short lived, now when activated all proxy server connections are refused thus cannot connect anywhere (server not responding). Wouldn't advise buying Subscriptions as the Trial is Extremely UNSTABLE. Works every (long) so often but only for less than 10 minutes at a time since the chosen Country tends to disappear from their Proxy servers or their servers drop off all together. The auto proxy selection has never worked.

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Does not work properly

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Works erratically. Needs work.

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Very problematic extension. Takes several switching on and offs to actually make it work as it displays errors when the page unsuccesfully loads. I connect from Turkey, maybe the addon has trouble directing users around my area to convenient proxies. These are the errors displayed.

Network Access Message: The page cannot be displayed

The connection was reset.

Error 404 - Not found

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was recommended by the computer magazine Computerbild but cannot see that it works with latest Firefox version :-( . Good Add-on idea but update neccessary?

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By the description, it would have been exactly what I was looking for - a way to pretend I was in the continental US instead of the US Virgin Islands - if only it had actually worked. Removing.

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Do Not Upgrade to 2.5! it no longer works on BBC iplayer, other bbc sites, and many other popular sites! Older versions (2.3.3 downwards) worked just fine with abovementioned sites. Now stealthy informs users to upgrade to the paid pro version in order to access above sites--undoubtedly in an attempt to squeeze money out of users, (just downgrade to earlier versions instead)

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Doesn't seem to work anymore. No matter what I do, pages timeout.

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Не пойму, что за логин с паролем требует?

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Since a few weeks ago Stealthy doesn't even work

Seit ein paar Wochen funktioniert Stealthy gar nicht mehr

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Worked fine until some update. Using it for grooveshark. Not reliable - mostly not working...

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Я web-администратор, у меня нет прав сис админа, мы сидим через прокси сервер. Поставил вашу программу - включил её. И все, мой FTP клиент перестал работать даже после удаления и деактивации этой программы. Переустановка FileZilla не помогла! Какого чёрта она сделала с моим компом? Куда лесть что бы исправлять?
I am a web-admin, I do not have the rights of a system administrator, we sit through a proxy server. Put your program - turned it on. And all my FTP client stopped working even after deleting and deactivating the program. Reinstalling FileZilla has not helped! What the hell has she done to my computer? Where flattery that would be correct?

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Вроде работает.