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Keep up the good work!

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It was one of the greatest addon, but after the Firefox and the Dimmer update, it doesn't work...

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This works great!
It's an adjustment, though, to see the page dimmed out and everything from the tabs up, all bright! :)
I WOULD like to see an option to turn the addon off/on all tabs at once, or to whitelist sites/pages to "always" or "never" to be dimmed.
Also, in some cases, I lose the ability to see my curser - so, maybe an option to adjust the brightness of the curser to one's need would be nice.
As it is, I have to disable the app when I don't want to toggle Every.Single.Page.
And in disableing/enabling the app, I then have to re-start ff. :/
So that's a bit more than inconvienant.
Even with all that, I still enjoyed the app, last night!
I never thought to have something like this before, but I've noticed the need for it, lately, when I'm sharing a room with someone who wants the lights dimmed or off for tv.
Even at 0% my laptop is too bright!
This app really helped last night immedieately after install.
Thanks, dev!
Keep up the awesome work!

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... как оказалось, виновато было расширение TileTabs в ошибках. Удалил TileTabs и пропали ошибки ScreenDimmer.

Simple and effective, could use some usability tweaks Puntuado con 4 de 5 estrellas

The flexibility, minimalism, and ability to apply per-site settings make this the most effective extension of it's type that I've seen so far. You can also draw a "cutout" area to show without dimming which is a specially nice feature on video sites like youtube. This does however beg for the last of these four desired improvements:

- The context sub-menu is an awkward way to adjust the current dimming strenth or toggle dimming, and so are the ctrl+alt+* hotkeys - can't even toggle with one hand, necessitating reposition of mouse hand. A toggle+tool button we can put in the status bar or a toolbar is quite desirable (toggle first, menu of secondary importance).

- The dimming isn't immediately applied (particularly on Google search pages), resulting in a bright flash during initial page load that's a little jarring.

- Altering settings on the fly applies to all open tabs but not until a change is made on each one. It should either refresh state on switching tabs or apply only to the tab where the change was made (or maybe auto-update per-site settings /and/ still update other affected tabs).

- The cutout would be more useful if there were options to automatically create one or more for the primary media contents of a page (large non-background images and most importantly videos and large embedded elements like flash games). It also should be tied to the page rather than the viewport, so it stays in sync with the content around which it was originally drawn - maybe not if it was manually drawn, as it could be intended as a peephole to the page content.

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Cool! Fine-customizable dimming rates, auto dimms browser pages with no extra click. I would appreciate making this great Add-on available for GoogleChrome, too. There is no similar extension, actually.

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This extension works well.
Another reviewer said: "can you make it so each new webpage I open is not dimmed." If you go to Addons -> Extensions and click on the Options button for this extension, it takes you to the configuration page.

There you can change the 'Transparency Percentage', which is the default transparency of the dimmer.
Set it to zero, so all pages show up normal as they used to -- then you can darken only the pages that you feel are necessary.

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works better than many others

Eye saver! Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

Thank you so much for developing your Screen Dimmer add-on! I have eyes that are terribly sensitive to light and this helps me tremendously! I would like to contribute, but I don't have a PayPal account and don't want one. How else can I contribute?

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it's an Eco saving add-on which saves eye too.
its simple and useful
it can be better
for example if it could identify images and did not dim them was better.
many thanks for developing this add on.

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Thanks for a great product!

As others have said, it would be great if screen dimmer worked before the page is rendered to prevent the slight flicker between white and gray when a new page is displayed.

I also have trouble with the keys under linux, on MY setup (french keyboard) i have found that "ctrl+alt+shft+=" dims the screen, "ctrl+alt+shft+à" resets the default value and "ctrl+alt+-" (no shift) reduces the dim.

On my windows laptop, Ctrl+Alt+Fn+blue+ Ctrl+Alt+Fn+blue- work.

Thanks again!

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Like MrsNiko says, can you make it so each new webpage I open is not dimmed. Every newly visited page I open I have to right-click to "Disable Screen" and right-click to "Save Web Page." The "Save Web Page" item does work. But, I would like to see an "Options" item to edit the list of saved web pages. And either a right-click item "Options" or a toolbar button to open Screen Dimmer Options. This is a nice Addon, thank you.

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Thank you very much for Screen dimmer! Great work.

Since I have switched to Linux (Ctrl+Alt+LINUX, lol) I can use the right-click menu, but not the keys.
As you suggested, I didn't use the numpad and tried ctrl+alt+shift instead. That didn't do it either. What key combination must I use in Linux?

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In my opinion it does great. However one request, it works only after the page completes loading. Do something about that.

Very nice but not perfect Puntuado con 4 de 5 estrellas

Great addon!

Works great on youtube and dailymotion (the video is not darkened, however I use the VLC plugin so maybe it’s different with the normal Flash player) but it does darken the videos on and vimeo (both Flash players). No big deal on vimeo because the background is dark already, but more annoying on allocine.

It would be nice to have a button to put in the addon/status bar to have a quick access to the addon functions.

There is also a bug that makes the addon use a transparency setting different from the one that is configured when I open a new page; I have to select "enable/reset screen" to get the correct setting.

PS: in answer to privox below, if you want to make the background really dark and the text bright, you can use Stylish with the Midnight Surfing userstyle.

EDIT: after several days of usage I’m lowering my rating because the addon works randomly* and also takes effect only once the pages are fully loaded, which means you’re first blinded and then the page gets darker (if you’re lucky). It would also be nice if pages with a dark background were not darkened.

[*] To be more precise, it usually works, but once I have changed a setting or temporarily disabled the addon via its “Disable screen” menu item, then I have to “Enable/Reset screen” on every page. I don’t understand very well what’s going on here. This addon is still very useful!

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You've almost created the perfect add-on. Unfortunately the 'right-click' menu option to enable/disable is a bit tiresome... a small on/off icon that can be added to the toolbar is much more convenient.

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Not good for reading.

If you invert the color of the background, you also need to invert the color of the text in to keep the contrast high.

Otherwise the background and text are undistinguished to the eye causing even more eye strain.

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for one who spends hrs reading, a display brightness dimmer is useful indeed ... only the same effect could be obtained from the monitor control settings, best part of the dimmer is that allows this change without physically interacting with the monitor set up controls or without hacking its demo configuration :) ... both makes of a screen dimmer software a "mask", like when we're using remotely another computer to which we have no command prompt access, i dunno if we will be ignored if being so much less important to others, being so invisible to the commercial networks :) and if we could get ignored i would rather use this dimmer as USER AGENT (lol)

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Good add-on! But the shortcut to disable "Screen Dimmer" doesn't work. And I have to refresh other tabs after disabling it, which is not convenient.

sorry about that

for now try with the numpad or the right click

the bug has been fixed and will be released soon

in linux the numpad doesn't work but the main keyboard does works with ctrl+alt+shift+*

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Great addon... maybe you should add option for flash videos, not to be dimmed by default?And WHY all pages dimmed by default on browser start?!

some flash is not dimmed

for the ones that are try using the new cutout feature