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What this does is simple uses the browsers default 'save as' configuration.

Save the whole page with a little button that looks like a old diskette.

Gets a three since it does what it says it does but it is not configurable in saving specifically what you want.

If your going through this effort might as well save it as a MHT file for consolidation of all files.

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The computer field is infamous for lousy documentation and app usability, but this is a new low. Hey: it's fire and forget because once you've installed it, you'll never see it again, so you'll forget it!

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How do you use this add-on? I will give more stars when I figure out how to use it:)

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I find this extremely helpful. I have a physical disability, and right-clicking has always been difficult. This add-on allows me to collect images with ease, eliminating one more frustration from my web experience. Thank you Firefox!