I like the idea, but the addon doesn't seem to work in Firefox 42? Puntuado con 2 de 5 estrellas

I did a search on Google, but no Safe Preview icons were displayed after the search results? Please update the addon. Thanks for reading.

Bogs down ur/my system on @ least 2 different models! Puntuado con 3 de 5 estrellas

Liked the idea and the options so much I added this to each comp as I changed. My load times were horribly ridiculously S-L-O-W. I always blamed my internet connection, but wen I disabled SafePreview my Page loading speeds went from +/- A MINUTE or MORE! --to UNDER A SECOND-to a few seconds; it wasn't the connection @ all!
I am ever so grateful for ur icons getting in the way of me trying to read UNDER the popups -they were S-L-O-W going away also. That was the impetus of Y I disabled it & now deleting it. Too bad, u can tell I really liked it bc it took so long to decide to disable it --but I would have done it a long time ago if I knew it was slowing me down by a minute OR MORE for EACH page I loaded.
5 stars for the idea. 3 stars for the function (Trustwave was there just for the showing, as well as a couple of others, as they hardly, if ever, participated). ZERO (0) for resource usage!
I tried going to ur web pg links, but they were unintelligible to me.

役には立つが、絶対的な信頼は禁物だ! Puntuado con 4 de 5 estrellas

サイトの安全・信頼度の “評価精度” を高めるために「WOT や主要なセキュリティー企業など」を網羅して、それぞれの判定状況を表示するアイテム。しかし最終的には、ユーザー判断が求められることに変わりはない。過信は禁物で、判断のための材料収集用に捉えたほうが無難。

just a little improvement Puntuado con 4 de 5 estrellas

good.. but just a little suggestion: What about making a little form in which users can paste or directly write a link and then pressing a button on the form can checking the link, without having it necessarily on an actual web page?

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simple and useful

Take with a grain of salt. Puntuado con 3 de 5 estrellas

This is good however be careful.

1. Attacks hitting large numbers are zero day meaning nothing will save you. How could it? You cannot patch a exploit or warn people when you don't even know it exist.

2. Drive by attacks use advertising companies meaning it won't even be on the site every time which makes it harder to find.

3. Don't think every site on their list is bulletproof because they're not, so surf safe and practice good security.

1. Use password management with multi factor sign in and always generate the maximum for passwords. "If they allow 20 I use 20 if it's 60 I use 60 if It's 9000 I go IT'S OVER 9000" Preferably a phone with no access to your wifi. Newer attacks don't just hit one OS they'll hit Windows, Mac, routers, smart tv's, DVR, XBox, smartphones, and well you get the point if you can connect it they'll attack it.

2. Use virtual environments for browsing like VMware or Virtualbox if you want free or even Sandboxie it's free as well with no need for a VM.

3. Use add ons like this with your AV to protect against older attacks.

4. Good OS backup management.

5. Lucky Rabbits Foot!


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Удобное и практичное расширение. На скорости работы негативно не сказывается.

Great! Puntuado con 4 de 5 estrellas

I've been using LinkExtend for some years but development has stopped and it's gradually become less useful. It served as a great supplement or "second opinion" to WOT.

Safe Preview is a new alternative second opinion. In my books you still want a flag on your search results. Suspicious is not always obvious. But if you want to check more closely for something you're not sure about or why WOT isn't green, this is great. Just what I wanted to replace LinkExtend. Thanks!

on Norton - Norton is clearly blocking services like this from using their info. That's just being cheap on their part and is not a reflection on Safe Preview.

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This is my second review of this add-on. I repeat, it is very useful.

However, now Norton Safe Web is not working for checking sites. It is showing the text: "Enter secure image." Please fix it.

Also, if you can add urlvoid, that would be great. Urlvoid system checks many security tools by itself, so it would be a great addition to your add-on for all of its users.

Thank you. Keep it up!

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Very good !

If you could only fix the malfunction with Norton...?

Better Than Just One Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

First of all, I must give my sincerest thanks to the ‎developer(s). I think that this app is very clever! (I wish ‎the developer would provide an English help site, ‎though. The developer's website (http://www.price.ru/) ‎seems to go to a Russian Online Shopping Store of ‎some kind. Good for them probably, weird for me...?)‎
Pros: I was getting SO tired of WOT's biased ‎‎(financially motivated?) notifications! But I just ‎couldn't get past the idea of blindly linking to a site. ‎For whatever reason, I could not get McAfee ‎Siteadvisor ‎to work for me. ‎So I kept looking. Then I ‎came across this add-on. With this app, I can see all the ‎major security notifications at one time for any ‎particular site. Can't say how thankful I am for this add-‎on!‎
Cons: Norton notification isn't working since my last ‎FF update to 22.0, not sure why, but the others are still ‎working. Trustwave takes the longest time to give its 2 ‎cents, but the other five come up relatively quickly. ‎
Other Thoughts: If I were to make a request of the ‎developer(s), I would ask for more of a streamlined app. ‎Perhaps each of the six advisors to display only in their ‎respective symbol/icon forms, and that each icon to be ‎colored-coded for that particular site. In other words, ‎Google, Norton, McAfee, etc., would come up only as ‎their icon, and then in the color of safety that each ‎advises: green for good, red for bad, yellow for caution, ‎etc.‎
Bottom Line: If you're serious about your internet ‎safety, this app is for you. Even if it seems annoying at ‎times having to wait for the app to finish loading all the ‎different advisors' advice, it is still well worth the delay ‎because of the peace of mind it gives!‎

Nice and useful, but needs some enchancements. Puntuado con 4 de 5 estrellas

1. When link is hovered two nice icons appear - "Is it safe" and like search icon that has 2 submenues - regular and private views.
I think it is more comfortable to show 3 icons directly, without 2-stages access to views (3 is not significantly bigger then 2)
2. The regular view works only via context menu. It doesn't work via small icon
3. Instead of regular view that previews the link it is better to have tentative load and I want to explain what I mean.
3.1 Why I neeed "Is it safe"? To know if this link is safe and if it is safe - to load it, otherwise - to decide what to do - to take risk or to run away.
3.2 So, clicking on "Is it safe?" I get very nice report from most valuable checkers (SiteAdviser, WOT, Norton etc.) and if report satisfies me - I click on link and load it.
3.3 From my point of view it is a little bit time wasting: in the beginning I need to check status (and this takes time until report appears) and then - I will (or will not) click on link.
3.4 My proposal for tentative load is follows: it invokes checkers and if all is safe - loads a page. Otherwise - shows the report.
3.5 This way will be significantly faster. Of course, I (as user) must define the criteria of "not safe" and timeout for slow checkers (sometimes TrustWaves works slow, for example).
3.6 This tentative load might be instead of regular live preview or in addition to it. I think, that tentative load will be even simplier in implementation, than regular preview.
Thank you

This is what i am looking for. Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

Great add-on,i have looked for a tool like this for a long time.it can help me avoid some dangerous websites.Hope more people can find and use it.

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Excellent extension. Right click is working great. Very useful, and a great piece of mind. I do have a problem with the little shield that is in the preview pictures. I never get it. I always have to right click, and click on "Is it safe?". Maybe another extension or my FF version is the issue. I can give you a list of what I use if you need to check. I'm on 4/14/3013 Nightly version 23.0a1

EDIT - I tried it in the stable 20.0.1 version, and I get the little shield, so it's the nightly version it doesn't work in.

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