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Here's where it all started… for years I've had the sense that 'big brother' is looking over my shoulder while I surf the internet. It wasn't really a paranoia, just too many coincidental events occurred for me to let it go. Over the last 24 months it has become more than apparent as I started seeing a 1:1 connection between what I surf on the internet and what I find in my spam email. Initially I noticed that when I researched 'divorce arbitration' it resulted in spam from divorce lawyers, apartments for rent and financial advisors for divided homes. Then it was 'tire chains' for my suburban resulting in spam for Ford F250 trucks, Chevy pickups, LT truck tires, etc… That's when I started getting angry and we began researching how they were doing it. Our research was successful from two vantage points; (1) we figured out how they were doing it and (2) we figured out how to prevent them from doing it! The later being the more exciting part of the discovery obviously.

Cuál es el futuro de [privacy]defense

What's coming next? Constant updates to the threat database with new releases coming out almost every day. The extension automatically updates not only it's code base, but also the threat database every day. It's all transparent to the user.

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