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Tried various alternatives and this comes the closest. Straight forward without having to choose a bunch of options. Ability to resize window would be a big bonus.

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thanks for the add on . I was wanting a replacement for coolpreviews and this is close. It could be a 5 star add on if you reduced the amount of clicking to navigate. Can you add a popup icon when the user mouse over the link which activates the portal popup on hover for 2 seconds. this would be a great time saver. Also close the portal when mouse off of it back to the original page.

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As far as replacements for CoolPreviews goes, it's probably the best one I've come across so far. Still disappointing. Very bare bones and lacking in features. No resizing, no moving the window, no controls to page forward or back or open the window into a full browser page, no doing anything in the window beyond scrolling, etc.

I truly hope the developer continues to improve this add-on and add features, as it could be very, very useful; especially now that the latest Firefox update (which I'm holding out against for as long as I can) disables CoolPreviews entirely.

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Needs a hovering button though, having to right click and scroll down is a waste

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"could not verified for use in Firefox, Proceed with caution"

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its nice as is.. i found this as an alternative to "coolpreviews" . and its sufficient, but is lacking features. an icon that hovers over a link would be more efficient then constantly right clicking and looking for the portal option. but thats minor. the more major feature that im missing most is while in the portal page, having right click options. like open image, save image, open in new tab, etc. just basic right click context options. ive only been using this recently because i updated firefox and i used to use "coolpreviews" constantly cause it was so easy and efficient. i guess thats what im missing. i use it judiciously for those reasons, just lack of options.
hopefully there will be some added features in the future. but other than that thanx for making this addon.

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It would be nice that I could move or resize as coolpreviws

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This is really cool and useful, but I hope this can open page with gesture, maybe a script of FireGesture? or something like that?

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Easy to use, like that it doesnt log the url, and links clicked in the portal stay in the portal. Actually use it alot, everytime a page doesnt really warrant opening a new tab for cause i just want to glance at it

btw its got a white flash background thats annoying but heres style code that fixes it

@namespace url(;
.panel-arrowcontent { background-color: transparent !important; }

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This addon doesn't work with Menu Editor addon

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Great freah idea for an add-on! No more new and immediately dismissed tabs with this add-on here to step in! Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

This is so much better than opening a new tab in order to just get a small piece of information and then closing the tab immediately. It's one of those add-ons that come along and makes me wonder why somebody didn't come up with that sooner because it now seems so obvious that it belongs. Eric Vold has the certainly got to be a creative man to have come up with something so fresh and unique as this add-on! Being that this is version 0.1 I feel lucky to have found it at it's early stage and with it being v0.1, that means that there is probably going to be quite a lot of additional features added to it over time. Hopefully the development of Page Portal will continue well into the future, I think that it has the potential to become a very popular add-on that will land in many peoples 'must have' xpi bin! Hopefully resizing the panels is on the to do list for this puppy!

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I was just thinking about something like this a few days ago and never got around to looking for it. I just stumbled across it. Just what I need.

Only annoying thing is that there doesn't seem to be a way to close a portal without moving outside it's boundaries and clicking there. Would be nice if each portal had a close button.

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Great idea! Perfect!

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Similar to InstantFox's "instant preview" feature (which is only available for search queries using search engines' keywords)