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Thanks :-)

P.S: Version opening a blank page in private window (via Ctrl-Shift-P) will show an error page.

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Good job and just what I need. As other have mentioned it does not provide a context menu item for the "All bookmarks" view but bookmark toolbar does work. I put my entire collection under in a folder that is on the bookmark toolbar so that is kind of a "workaround". Supporting the "all bookmarks" view can be done "Show Parent Folder " adds items to bookmark context menu so that may be a useful code model to examine. I hope both these add-ons continue to coexist as I will be using them as long as they are available.

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Very handy for quickly viewing a page without the current logged-in user cookies.

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Exactly What I'm looking for. Author need three more features in this .
1. In private browsing mode Open page in a new tab/new window (Preferably tab) of Non Private Browsing mode .( exact reverse feature of what is provided ).
2. A key board Shortcut for "Open Page in Private Window".
3. Automatically Switch tab to Private Window with keywords in Url with comma seperated ( similar to Incognito This of chrome).

Thanks for providing this Addon

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