New Tab Plus 4.5.2

Política de privacidad

1.How does New Tab Plus use the information collected during syncing?
1) The information provided by you during the registration is used for creating an account at our synchronization server and giving you the access to it.
2) The information from your New Tab Plus is saved on the server and used for data backup and further syncing with other computers.
You can sync the speed dials for use on different computers in automatic or manual modes. Automatic syncing can be deactivated in add-on settings.

2. How do you protect my personal information?
New Tab Plus takes all measures required to keep your information safe. We take this matter very seriously and always do our best to live up to our customers’ security expectations.
Please, log out of New Tab Plus every time you are done using our product. If possible, also exit your browser so that no people with access to your computer can use our site with your username and password.
Planning to sell your computer or to give it to another person for an extended period of time? Please, don’t forget to uninstall New Tab Plus Add-on before you do that.

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