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¿Por qué se creó Moujaz Summary?

I'm a heavy internet user and I am faced with tons of articles to check on a daily basis. So I thought of creating a tool that helps me know what each article is about without wasting too much time to read it.

My background in information extraction and machine learning helped me to come up with a quick prototype. Then I applied to an idea competition and the idea won third price...So plugin was created

Cuál es el futuro de Moujaz Summary

Here are few items for the future, let us know what you want the most.

  1. Summarizes email threads. Many email threads contains like 7 and more emails and all those can be summarized in very few sentences.So why to read the whole thing if you just want to follow up
  2. Recommend Similar readings or readings that could be interesting to you
  3. Highlight, annotate an save some of the extracts for later usage

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