Conoce al desarrollador de LanguageToolFx – Style and Grammar Checker

¿Por qué se creó LanguageToolFx – Style and Grammar Checker?

When I started working on the extension, I'd been a LanguageTool developer for around one year. The idea of an extension for LanguageTool integration in Firefox had belonged to the “Missing Features” of LanguageTool for a while. As I wanted to do something with the Add-on SDK anyway, I decided to create this extension.

Cuál es el futuro de LanguageToolFx – Style and Grammar Checker

There are still many tasks on the to-do list, for instance a better presentation of the found problems, correct handling of line breaks, and better language detection. Help from everyone is welcomed; get in contact with us through the mailing list, or the LanguageTool forum.

The releases of the extension are tied to the releases of new LanguageTool versions, which are published every three months (see roadmap).

Acerca del desarrollador

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