Conoce al desarrollador de LanguageToolFx (only for old versions of Firefox)

¿Por qué se creó LanguageToolFx (only for old versions of Firefox)?

When I started working on the extension, I'd been a LanguageTool developer for around one year. The idea of an extension for LanguageTool integration in Firefox had belonged to the “Missing Features” of LanguageTool for a while. As I wanted to do something with the Add-on SDK anyway, I decided to create this extension.

Cuál es el futuro de LanguageToolFx (only for old versions of Firefox)

There are still many tasks on the to-do list, for instance a better presentation of the found problems, correct handling of line breaks, and better language detection. Help from everyone is welcomed; get in contact with us through the mailing list, or the LanguageTool forum.

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