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Wow. This addon is so useful. So good idea and pleasing implementation. One of the my top favorit addons. Laconic UI, sweet tips in Options, Keyboard shortcut settings - very good!

My Pale Moon 64 bit + Tree Style Tab + Tab Utilities + All Tabs Helper + Hugo became a powerfull instrument of web browsing.

Thank you, Allasso Travesser. You are good man.

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Nice touches to a straight forward, intuitively presented add-on.

That said, as a frustrated FOXTAB user, having the ability to search ALL Firefox windows would greatly extend the functionality of HUGO - if you could incorporate the graphics of FOXTAB, HUGO would become legendary.

IAE, thanks for a great tool...

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Some of the websites I use for research display their content via javascript and frames, e.g., http://pastie.org/8951448 ; hugo doesn't search the text as displayed, but works perfect if I "show this frame only." If that were fixed (if it could be), I would donate for this addon.

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For a web developer like me, this is a God-send. Great work dev! And many thanks.

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Useful addon. Send search word from Fx searchfield to sidebar is great idea. Waiting for the fix of Highlight All problem and, also, please make compatibility with Fx25.

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Thank you kindly for participating.

Hugo is now Compatible with Fx 25. Because of the new implementation of the Findbar, Hugo needs to have its own searchfield, and will now operate completely independent of Findbar.

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Thanks to the developer!

I've been using this add-on for about two weeks now and it's now a part of my everyday life and research. If you have used All-tabs helper from the same developer of this add-on and you want to take your in-tab searching to an advanced degree, then this is for you! So far, I've not had issues with it.

However, I'm hopeful we'll get an add-on to search through in-tab PDFs in the future : ) and we can choose to search for two-lettered words e.g. acronyms/initialisms and not the minimum three : )

Please, when this current add-on is fully released, I'll be glad to pay to support the service. Thanks.

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Thank you, I am glad it is working well for you. Hugo now has the option to search less than 3 characters. Regarding adding the functionality to search PDF, that will be like another project in itself, and I don't know when I will be able to get to that.

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This add on fills the void that exists for search.

You can search the web and pick out a speck of information, but when it comes to the page you're on, or the 10 tabs you have open, things have never been as complete until now. This app enables one to drill down on the page, on multiple pages, and with the context needed to decide whether to proceed and investigate further. There have been other tools like that do parts of what this app does but they've never been as fully developed or stuck around. This is one of the few apps that will increase productivity enough that I would actually pay for it, and that's saying a lot. I can't believe it's taken this long in the life of Firefox to achieve what it seems like page searching was meant to be.

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