No longer working properly with 50.1 - it is now. Puntuado con 4 de 5 estrellas

I have used this extension for a very long time. Mainly with very early versions of firefox and more recently with Palemoon.

I installed it and show profile extension with Firefox 50.1 and I can not view the bookmarks in the Bookmark manager. It shows some but any sub folders do not display any bookmarks and only shows the sub folder names without displaying any bookmarks contained in the sub folder.

It does seem to go to the folder but it's not much use when it stops the bookmarks working properly.

It's a pity because it was a useful extension when it worked.

[EDIT] Strangely, I disabled the show parent folder extension and restarted Firefox. Then the bookmarks which were not visible became visible and things worked as they should. I re-enabled the extension again and restarted Firefox and now everything is working. Go parent folder and show parent folder do need to be used together so both need to work. I did try restarting Firefox before disabling the extensions and that did not fix anything. I will keep an eye on it to see if there are any further problems.

Locks up my browser Puntuado con 1 de 5 estrellas

I read somewhere that this addon is not being developed further. This addon locks up ("not responding") the Firefox browser on my PC when I try to go to the parent folder from the context menu. I have to restart the browser in many cases in order to unlock it.

e10s ? Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

It seems it doesn't support e10s but since e10s is disabled on my profile, I couldn't say if it still properly works despite that.

I hope it will be compliant with future firefox release. I love it. Do you plan to update it?

Für alle mit vielen Booksmarks ein muss! Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

Und funktionierte seit Jahren immer!
(¯`•._.•(¯`•._.• Thank you!!! •._.•´¯)•._.•´¯)

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simple and great

Suggestions for the future Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

Is it possible to get the View shown by Show Parent Folder added to Go Parent Folder add-on ? ? We really should not need to install both to get the best functionality. Also, how about us being able to bring the Bookmark Search box out so it can be placed on a Toolbar ? ? If we can do this, then the Library need not be opened in order to search for a Bookmark

Thank you

Essential for Managing bookmarks Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

Why this isn't native in Firefox is beyond me.

Thank you for a great Add=on.

Excellent! Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

A must have feature. Thank you very much, White Alice0775!

An essential add-on, puts a grin on my mug! Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

This add-on works perfectly and I've been wondering why there was no default option to perform this function for years! Besides the fact that I'm not only over-the-hill, but down the other side, around the corner and stuck in the ditch, I'm also disabled with severe memory problems. So, I've created and maintained rather large bookmark files so that I don't have to rely on my broken memory. I often perform searches for bookmarks and then I just have to wonder where I really did place the original bookmark - especially when working with nested files. Now, no fear! This add-on pops me right where I need to be and my questions are answered promptly. Thanks for a simple, but essential add-on!

Great Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

Finally! Yes! The bane of all Firefox versions is that the search for Bookmarks only finds the bookmark you're looking for, it DOESN'T locate WHERE that bookmark is buried in which folder, you still have to do the needle-in-the-haystack-thing... but this add-on solves it! yay!

Респект :) Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

Да!!! Это то, что я искал!!!!!

Loved it Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

Does exactly what i want,
I could find my bookmarks, but couldn't find where they're located in my folders and sub-folders and this extension found it like a charm!
Thanks While Alice ;)

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Very useful! Should be built-in Firefox feature!

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Does exactly what's on the tin Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

This should be a built-in feature!

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Great add-on. Very useful

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It's a very usefull addon and works great. Also on FF 40.0.2.

Very helpfull!!! Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

Finally I'll be able to easily handle duplicate bookmarks. It's always been a problem when I find the bookmark with "option to find" and then there is no possibility that we helped to locate the folder in which it is located. Thanks.

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Another nice way to get to your folders. Well done.

Great tool also for Seamonkey Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

Also works perfectly with EN-US SeaMonkey 2.33.1 (German Language pack) Gecko/20100101 Build 20150321194901 (Classic Theme) on German WIN7 64bit

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very helpful