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The issue was resolved by reinstalling the addon.

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Ive been using ghostery for a while now and I appreciate it's lightweightness a lot, I used to run ABP but the thing took down the entire browser, Ghostery however does not and blocks most of the annoying ads.

Ok so what punches a whole in what could have been a 5/5 star rating is the fact that I turned off the blocking to see what kind of effect it had for a certain site and since then the addon has been broken in such a way I cannot activate the blocking again.

Basically I was using 5.2.1 and told ghostery to temporarily stop blocking but then when I was trying to turn it back in the icon completely ignores me when im clicking it, it just bounces up and down without anything happening and the options arent available in the html-setup to turn it back on.

Ive since then updated the addon to the latest which is as of this time: 5.3.1 which had no effect on this bug.

The only thing that ive done different to my Firefox setup that differs from standard ones is that I'm blocking all popups, ie ive done the about:config and removed the default allow popup calls- however if this would have been the reason for breaking it then it wouldn't have shown me the popup to turn blocking off in the first place, right?

I'm also using Stylish but I see little reason for this to be the cause of the problem.

Gonna reinstall the addon and try remove the default config and hope it solves it.

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