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You said that the new version of the addon is under review by Mozilla. So what's the status?
Is this addon now only available for Chrome users or will you publish a new version that works for firefox?
Tnx for answer.

Hello, sorry but for technical reasons only the Chrome addon works.. :/

this needs to be reoved.......from listings. Puntuado con 1 de 5 estrellas

This needs to be deleted, its just a ad , for chrome.....AND WASTED MY TIME.

I am sorry, this had to be done... :/

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ciao, as u can see in my last post, i really love this add on and it was working amazing but after the latest firefox update it is not working:( i hope u can figure out this matter... Thanx !

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Hey friend!

The new version of the addon is currently under review by Mozilla!
Until then, you can download the equivalent, fully functional Chrome version!

Thanks for your support!

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great work, great add-on, but it works with me just one time, after that it is not working !!! :)
i can't delete my messages again

Hi! A new version (v 2.1) is on its way to fix this problem! Stay tuned!

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Great add-on especially since FB won't let you permanently delete messages! Got all FB messages deleted, including the ones FB ärchived - just had to UN-archive them first! Tried it out, and then made a donation. Thanks for offering this!

Thanks a lot! I appreciate your support and I am glad I helped!

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Awesome. Did the job in one shot!

Warning: This does not delete messages from a single user but empty your inbox completely just when you click Yes.


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as said


Thanks for the review!

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thank you so much for doing what facebook developers have failed to do (or what they dont like to do)! youre a genius! really. saved me from having to open upsetting messages just so i can delete them. registered on this site solely to give you a review since i don't think a donation is possible from where i am. :) thanks again!


A nice comment like this is even better than a donation! Thank you very much! I'm happy I helped.

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This is perfect. Absolutely Perfect. One of the things that annoyed the hell out of me about Facebook and you simply cured it. So neat and fast. I wish I had any monies to donate lol. When I do, I'll remember to donate.

Thanks and great wishes from India!


Thank you very much! I'm glad I helped!

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Great Add on, but doesn't work on my firefox. I would to delete my timeline and my messages, but not delete me on facebook (I work for cultural events and associations and I have many friends), but this script not working. I tryed to uninstall and install many time. So, Does Facebook block any adds? I tryed to install another add, but it seem don't work!! I hate facebook and his log, there is someone that can help us?
However thank you so much for have worked on this add.


This addon does not delete facebook, it deletes your messages! Why did you rate 1/5??
You can try the same addon for chrome if you really need it!

needs option to delete most Puntuado con 4 de 5 estrellas

It would be better if it was in two steps like Hotmail with a checkmark all and then delete. That way you can go over the messages and see if there's one or two you want to keep. Still a big help though. Thank you.


This is a good idea, but the purpose of this addon is to massively delete all messages. Since it worked for you, there is no need to be so cruel while rating! Thanks!

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Thanks for your such a great addon.. love you dear...


Thanks for using it! I'm glad I helped.

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Finally - old unwanted messages deleted in the click of a button. Thank you!


That's all about it! :)

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Amazing! Saved me hours! Facebook should hire you!


Awesome, glad I helped! :)

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Saves a lot of time, does exactly what it says. Thank you bro!!


Thanks for using mate!

Hope to answer thanks! Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

is this supposed to delete/remove completely the whole messages/conversations? I did try this and it just deleted my whole messages on my own Facebook but still those other people can still see our old conversations on their own FB account.

Here's a 5 star for you Geo!! this thing works indeed! great job! thanks for the quick reply! x0 =)


Hello Jane, this is what it is supposed to do. Facebook does not allow the thing you want to do. So please change your rating because this addon actually worked! :)Have fun!

EDIT: Thanks! See you around!

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excellent works well n saves a lot of time...


Thank you Krish4is, that's what it is for! ;)

Thanx Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

Man you saved me some hours here...
You have all my respect and admiration sir!!
I would loved to make a donation but i can't due to e-money restrictions in my country :(
you're a life saver... keep up the good work and good luck...


Thanks a lot! It's ok, donating is optional! :)

Have fun!

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It worked. I recommend it with eyes closed. Check the pictures and follow instructions


Thanks a lot!

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I made an account just to review this addon since at the time it only had two reviews. This thing performed as advertised and quickly erased my entire Facebook inbox.

Thabk you very much!

Lately there has been a lot of negativity and reports that it did not work. Thanks for confirming the opposite Ben!