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its best of best

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It's back!

Indispensable! Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

LOVE IT! The king is dead, long live the new king!

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Übersichtliche Downloads dank dieses Addons

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C'est une de mes extensions favorites :)
Fonctionne parfaitement actuellement : Firefox 35.0.1 sur Debian 7.8 ;)

entries limitation? Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

I miss an option to limit the entries to specific number of downloads. To clear old downloads not after specific TIME but after specific number.
My "workaround" is to clear on exit - but thats not what I am looking for.

Firefox 35 Puntuado con 1 de 5 estrellas

no longer working on Firefox 35

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Works fine - Thanks Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

Is posible include this function in next versions
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Thank you!

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Hello, kindly add the following features :

1. Downloading files with Resume.

2. Automatically continue downloads in download manager when the browser closes.

Very good - Feature request Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

Hello, this is a very good extension to improve firefox download features.
But is not possible to lauch file during download like Google Chrome (click during download and auto-launch when file is downloaded).
Is not possible to start automaticaly dowload like "Download Manager (S3)" without clic on "Save file"

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pleased from the first second of use because my prefered download features are back !

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Very good! Thanks for this! But, unfortunately when you pause a download, it will start downloading from the beginning again, when you want to resume it. I was downloading a large video from Youtube and paused it short before it was completed, losing what was already downloaded.

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Cool! Works like a charm. Thanks.

1 wish.... Puntuado con 4 de 5 estrellas

Download Status Bar is all I need and more I never use.
There is one minor thing though I wish for:
Either a customizable/arrangeable menu
Simply relocate "Clear All Downloads" into the main menu.
Thanks in advance for your consideration and implementation!

Downloaded file stuck on the Download Bar Puntuado con 4 de 5 estrellas

This add-on usually works great. But I downloaded a file today, and I cannot remove it from the Download bar. I tried all the usual things like using the "broom" clear button on the download bar, and right clicking on the file in the download bar and selecting "clear" but these don't work. I closed Firefox and cleared the cache, when I opened it back up that file is still in the download bar. I closed the download bar and re-opened it and no joy; it's still there. Can't find any solution to this.
I'm editing my review by adding that I just figured out how to finally clear that file (well, I found it accidentally). I found an option to display the bar's details, and there I found another option to "clear download status bar history." I did that, and the persistent file finally went away.

Download Status Bar -----Oqut working Puntuado con 2 de 5 estrellas

This program Download Status Bar dose not very well in Firefox 31.1 it has quit working.after 10 downloads

Download Status Bar 12.3, works fine Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

Just use the option to open source folder which works fine.

Conversations in folder plus 1.9 slow program down, makes creep.

Works well, looks good. Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

Works well, looks nice too. Lots of settings. (currently using FF v33.1.1)

great extension ( and a request ) Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

needless to say this extension is great and works wonderfully. I have a request though: when left-clicking in "mini mode" ( that is, when its minimized as a toolbar button ) it would be nice to have a "clear all downloads" button directly beneath the downloads list ( instead of right-click->download->clear all ). Thanks

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Download Statues Bar 12.2.0 Puntuado con 4 de 5 estrellas

When I was not able to get Download Statues Bar 0.9.10 to work with Firefox 26 through 31 I found Download Statues Bar 12.2.0 which has most of the features that Download Statues Bar 0.9.10 does and it works with Firefox 26 through 31. I have a couple of reservations about Download Statues Bar 12.2.0.

(1) When I was downloading a file and it paused as a result of communication problem not as a result of me pausing it there was no way to resume like with Download Statues Bar 0.9.10. By the time that happened I was hundreds of pages away from the one I downloaded that file from and I was not able to get back to it.

(2) Download Statues Bar 0.9.10 has a context menu feature clear completed downloads or being able to right click on the file I want to clear. I have never used the clear feature on Download Statues Bar 12.2.0 because I am afraid it might clear a file that is not through downloading or any file.

Download Statues Bar among a short of extensions that is a deal breaker as it relates to my use of Firefox and takes presents over upgrading to a new version of Firefox. As far as I am concerned Firefox should obtain Download Statues Bar and Compact Classics and incorporate them into its browser among others.

Esta valoración es de una versión anterior del complemento (12.2.0).