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Hey Fellow Users How to Minimize FF Extension Grief!!!!!
Everybody, disable the auto-update options by choosing “off” within each of your extensions, or at least your favorites. Be careful, when you see a recommend update, the update will already be checked. Don’t install the update until you’ve had a chance to read current review of new version and/or the developers website. Hold off on negative reviews, FF is asking the developer to pick up Thor’s Hammer.
Yes Pre-reading sucks, but if what you’re using works and you see bad reviews and developers explaining FF forced changes regarding new API protocol, etc, staying with what you’ve got may help may save you grief. Also if things are working back up with Febe, I’m assuming it still works and will allow you to re-install the extensions you had at the time of a crash or installing an poorly working version of an extension.
Most problems are due to Mozilla changes. If you're tired of the aggravation and wasted time regarding this and other great extensions that have made FF a great, safe, browser with great personalization, and the alternative to Google/Big Brother world…Voice Your Opinion to Mozilla!
Because if Mozilla continues to take this path, we’re going to lose a lot of extensions, or see them castrated.

My Question regarding this Extension:
Wondering if this version is working with full function?
Or should I stay with version 1.6.5?
The older extension is currently which is working great. Will staying with 1.6.5 buy me a little time with this extension as Mozilla wrecks, I mean continues to update FF?
I may have to do a clean install for non-related extension issues. I've saved all current extensions and setting via Febe and Opie. After clean install via Febe and/or Opie, will I get back all the extension versions I currently use, or will FF force instillation to use the most current version of all extensions?
Thanks again for a great extensions and I apologize for the knuckle heads who know nothing, don't read previous helpful info by reading previous extension issues.

Suggestion for Developer:
If Mozilla allows, you and other developers with great FF extensions should post at top of this extension website a very brief explain regarding FF moving into Chrome mode, API's, what to expect, if you anticipate being able to adapt to the dreaded FF 57 update, or are going to throw in the towel because it's not worth the aggravation (which sadly I understand).
Also a if possible provide a link for best working previous version.
If this is at top review page it may reduce reviewers from complaining and avert a potential negative review. If users can get the keys back to their car the will most likely will give a high review or none (which is better than a 1 star review of “This sucks!!! Where's my toolbar?! Wahhh!!" etc.
It might get some users to consider voicing their concern to Mozilla.
For example X-Notifier developer Kang let users know months ago this was coming and he wasn't going to invest the time to appease FF but users could back up to version 3.5.23 for functionality.
He also stated to users eventually the older extension would eventually lose functionality, which started two weeks ago, so I and other users of that extension weren’t. We knew where the problem came from. If FF users will voice their concerns for their favorite extensions, if they know the origins of the problem they may direct their frustrations to Mozilla… possibly giving developers a little more flexibility/freedom… or not. “It couldn’t hurt”
PS If you plan to stop support please let us know and suggest a decent alternative extension.
“Thanks for the memories” :)

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Yes you can update to CTR 1.6.6 btw. 1.6.7 (beta). If something does not work the way it did before, you always can go back to older builds.

There is no Fx57+ future for this add-on. The reason it briefly explained on add-ons main page on top of add-ons description area: https://addons.mozilla.org/addon/classicthemerestorer/

A more detailed explanation is also available: https://github.com/Aris-t2/ClassicThemeRestorer/issues/299/

"Downloads" text button on toolbar Puntuado con 4 de 5 estrellas

Why does the "Downloads" text button no longer work? It just flashes at me when I click on it. "Ctlr-J" works, "Downloads" in the "Tools" drop-down menu works and when I convert "Downloads" on the toolbar in text form to the "down-arrow" icon form, it also works, but as soon as I convert it back to text form, it stops working. I have tried placing it in multiple locations on the Location Toolbar and in Additional Toolbars. I have checked About:config for "True/False" options and I have tried removing the "Downloads" button and reinserting it, both manually (drag & drop) and via context menus. Must be a glitch, but I don't see any reference to it anywhere.

Please help! I am partially blind and NEED text-only buttons. I can't use picture, symbol or "emoji" style icons.

Is your location bar in a visible place or hidden?
Using CTRs first text only mode causes downloads buttons popup to appear at location bars start position. If the location bar is hidden, this might not always work properly.

CTRs second text mode uses Fx 29s default code, which does not hide the downloads buttons. In that case downloads popup is where it is meant to be.

Both modes show downloads popup for me.

Have you tried to setup a new browser profile? Only install CTR, switch to one of the text modes and run tests again.

Please use one of the available support options (Github, Forum, Email) for discussing issues, because AMOs add-on review area is not meant for chats or discussions and does not offer easy ways to respond. (You would have to either edit your current review or to write a new one).

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THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

I don't believe i ever rated this addon although i've been using it for many years, i just want you to know that i do appreciate the support and your time to develop this & the other addon's you have, it has brought a classic look to me over the years which i can't live without.

Time will see what'll happen when 57' comes.

Thank you for the continued and advanced support.

Very Perverse! Puntuado con 4 de 5 estrellas

Great tool. To reach perfection, it would only be necessary to make the url bar icons movables.

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CTR offers movable back, forward, stop and reload buttons. Which one of the default urlbar buttons do you miss?

F*** u mozilla Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

They really don`t care for us any more so at home 5 computers will stay for ever on version 52... and updates will be disable for ever good bye Mozilla and your stupid changes. If they think I will use Firefox without this addon they are VERY wrong maybe when HTML 10 or when all pages will not work any more and I will be forced to update Firefox. But if everything will works I will stay on version that this addon and Tab Groups will works as long as possible and for Mozilla I just don`t care any more because they are only good for ruining addons nothing more. They removed so many awesome features with that sh*** Australis and that was not enough? They need to ruin everything. In a few updates Firefox will be the same as Chrome or IE so where will be the point using Firefox if will be the same as all others browsers!

No multi-row in year 2017 is insane internet speed is soo high and I am still forced to using 5-10 tabs LOL!

So yes without this addon no thanks and my father would kill me he use 30+ tabs and without multi-row no go!!

I will not even calculate how many good addons will go for example "All-in-One Sidebar" this is the best sidebar ever made for browsers. This addon made browsing very fast and easy I can leave downloads, history or favorites open and I can still at the same time reading the website. What could be more easy than this clicking every time favorites and every time searching last folder I used?! Yea sure no thanks... or when I see browsers with new tab for favorites, history oh good! Every time user need to open a tab and then clicking on page he like to open. With sidebar all this is soo easy in settings I set when I move mouse to the left sidebar is automatically open -> perfect I think we could say awsome!

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aris you are the best! Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

aris you are so f......cool, your tool is for me the best addon here on firefox....without your addon i changed the browser, but with your addon i still have firefox and your updates nearly everyday my respect!!!!
god bless you
regrads from berlin

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この拡張機能(Add-on)を愛しています! Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

Firefox が v29 で、 Chrome 風の「UI」に激変させたが、果たして、その仕様変更は、功を奏したのでしょうか?

Windows 10 絡みで、シェアの独占化を目論んだ Microsoft は、 IE も Edge もパフォーマンス不足が露呈し、カスタマイズもできずの失望もので、自滅状態です。
Opera も中国資本が買収し Chrome もどき化路線になり、その反発から旧開発陣が独立し Vivaldi をリリースする始末で、右往左往。
にも関わらず、Firefox のシェアは右下がりのジリ貧傾向で、ライバルの Chrome に、加速度的に突き放されています。
素性の良さと高潔なコンセプトの Mozilla(Firefox) が、支持を失っていく事態は、残念でなりません。

ブラウザ戦争で煮え湯を飲まされた Netscape 社は、オープンソースプロジェクトでの Mozilla として再生し、そのユーザー本位の製品によって、ユーザーからの熱い支持を得たはずでした。

この拡張機能 「Classic Theme Restorer」 が、Firefox 52+ を迎えた現在に至っても、いまだに、多くの実利用者を誇り、且つ、絶大な高評価(★5の最高評価ばかり)を受けていることは何を意味するのでしょうか?

Firefox の v29 以降、旧来からのユーザーは、この手の(旧 Firefox の擬似仕様を再現する)拡張機能を実装するか、fork された 「Pale Moon」 に移行するかの潮流が生まれ、いまだに渦巻いています。
新規ユーザーの開拓は、大切です。しかし、既存ユーザーを蔑ろにしては、「底に穴が空いたバケツ」ではないでしょうか。しかも Firefox 57 をもって、システム変更が断行され、拡張機能(Add-on)の多数が互換不能になり、擬似仕様も不可能になる運命です。

Mozilla は、そのユーザーの中核層(パワーユーザーやエキスパートユーザー)を失望させてはいけません。
アドオンバー、タブ機能、ユーザー参画型の Add-ons、などの充実したラインナップは、Mozilla(Firefox)の至宝です。
v57 が、Firefox の終末点になりかねないと危惧します。

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why is this dev cant renew the code for 57 version of Firefox ?
well we see what happen with in next months they might rethink that you never know .

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This decision has nothing to do with the "dev", but with the technology behind legacy add-ons.
Support for legacy add-ons will be dropped, nothing the "dev" can do about.

Read this:

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Please continue support Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

Waterfox may fork build 56. If so, please continue support for use in Waterfox.

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Waterfox will most likely fork Firefox 52ESR, so CTR support will continue for a while.

Made FF usable again. Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

After updates that changed the entire FF UI and destroyed the usability of many addons, and made things more difficult to access, this addon made FF better again. Easy/quick access to custom toolbars to access addons. Now Firefox will die a terrible death once v57 becomes available, because DEVs aren't going to want to re-learn everything this new version will break. So many addons that have been supported for so many years will just stop. Addons are the foundation which made FF a great browser before others had such features and support.
Truly Mozilla is trying to kill-off Firefox.

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Damit kann man mit Firefox wieder arbeiten Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

Nach der Umstellung von der Oberfläche von Firefox war das Arbeiten damit unmöglich. Aber hiermit ist alles weder gut.
Da bietet auch Chrome oder andere keine Browser keine Möglichkeiten. Firefox ist der beste aber nur im alten UI. Also bitte Mozilla findet einen Möglichkeit, dass wir das weiter nutzen können.

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Great looking browser now. Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

This reintroduces so many older removed features, such as such as an additional toolbar and the flexible space feature along with the ability to customize icon size/style etc. It is great to see my old Firefox look and feel back. Thank you very much, this add on is greatly appreciated here, finding this just "made my day" :-) .

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Amazing browser.

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This is how Firefox should look like Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

New versions of Firefox are so ugly that I would never use them without the Classic Theme Restorer. I will stick with this addon until it stops working and then switch to Chrome.

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Class Act Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

This is by far, one of the best addons available.

-PS well said satovey

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Ahh, what a relief! Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

I was just about to get frustrated about how the tabs were damn near impossible to see in ff29, when I found this splendid addon!
I love it!!

Edit: Revisiting this addon, I noticed that what I requested has been included. So now I simply love it. Period. No ifs or buts.

And don't worry, I will never update firefox beyond version 56. I am not stupid. I will not let Mozilla force their crippled WebExtension crap on me. They told me this was MY browser, and I will hold them to it.

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As the sun sets for FIrefox, turn to the pale moon. Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

Classic Theme Restorer has kept Firefox useful. Not just a way to avoid the miserable Australis theme, it adds customization and control well beyond classic FIrefox. Thank you. Best extension ever! I won't use Firefox without it.

Hoping development continues for the PaleMoon Browser. This browser is continues the classic FIrefox features.

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Clearly, the intentional distruction of Firefox is nearly complete Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

This is an excellent addon for Firefox. Unfortunately, now is the time to start looking for a replacement browser as the Firefox developer community continues their intentional destruction of what used to be the best browser for users.

>>> This add-on will stop working when Firefox 57 arrives in November 2017 and Mozilla drops support for XUL / XPCOM / legacy add-ons. It should still work on Firefox 52 ESR until ESR moves to Firefox 59 ESR in 2018 (~Q2).

There is no "please port it" or "please add support for it" this time, because the entire add-on eco system changes and the technology behind this kind of add-on gets dropped without replacement. <<<

In Firefox 52.0 the tabs cannot be rearranged after opening.

Firefox is becoming less and less, the browser for users and user convenience and more and more a browser whose developers dictate what users need based on their self glorified, heightened perception of self importance that is so dominant in narcissistic communities.

Needless to say, the days when Firefox was the best browser ended when they took away the status bar, defaulted the hiding of the address bar, and forced upon users a tabs above address bar design.

After 13 years, It's sad to see you die Firefox.

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