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Versión 0.3.0 8.8 KiB Funciona con Firefox 38.0a1 y posterior

# 0.3.0
- Add support for private window browsing

Versión 0.2.2 8.6 KiB Funciona con Firefox 38.0a1 y posterior

# 0.2.2
- jpm packaging

Versión 23.4 KiB Funciona con Firefox 21.0 y posterior

* Updated to SDK 1.16

Versión 12.8 KiB Funciona con Firefox 21.0 y posterior


* Added SAQ for en.bahaitext.org
* Code clean-up

Versión copy.rev57.1.1-signed 192.5 KiB Funciona con Firefox 19.0 y posterior

Repacked with the SDK version 1.14

Versión copy.rev57.1-signed 189.9 KiB Funciona con Firefox 18.0 y posterior

* Added support for linking to Bahaikipedia.org, Wikipedia.org, and Bahaitext.org
* Made links orange color if pages not yet created at a given site and links directly to the edit page, allowing the page to be quickly created (note that due to a desire to avoid excessively pinging the respective servers, and since the status of whether a page is created or not should be fairly stable, I have decided for now to manually manage the page created status within the addon code)

* Fixed bug breaking some links
* Fix error console errors