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For me ABP working just fine,Firefox 39.I do have some issues when i want hide somewhere social buttons and i go to that social homepage i must whitelist that social web page completely,its not easy ... becoz it also later ignore hiding mechanism elsewhere. ABP do good job i think anyway.
My own troubles - Too bad this adblock cant pick specific elements in videos to hide it, and antiablock filters almost not working specialy for video,and forcing to turn off the adblock to even start that video,known troublemakers: youwatch.org , openload.io , exashare.com , flashx.tv I hope it helps and soon we see some improvements.Id like see if it its possible remove video lock screen stop/pay/login on streamuj.tv here is the image http://www.streamuj.tv/step1.png If its not possible,nevermind. Ps: i dont know who creating the hiding filter,so i hope its not missplaced.

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Adblock suddenly disappeared from my Firefox last week. Although I have logged in, I can find NO WAY of downloading it again, even with the help of a friend who is a real IT wizard. As an experiment I tried installing Google Chrome, and Adblock downloaded to it with no problem. But I really do not like Google Chrome. Adblock! Come back to Firefox, please!

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Ótimo Não Navego sem ele

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Me parece un excelente programa.

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ADD blockers have now become something that you cannot browse without, Even the more innocent webdevelopers that have managed to program their website to beg you to enable it to help fund their websites are victims in the current state of things.

I used to somewhat enjoy having them on, back when they were just hyperlinks at the side of a website, you could navigate your way to some pretty cool stuff.

However, it was always an idea to enable it during certain activities to prevent popups, for example, while streaming anime.

So, now, on any website, ever. a virus can randomlly appear, because the add's popup like 5 times per click on some websites, others have video add's that scream at you until you find them, sometimes on massive webpages.

all this has accomplished is the continued support of add blockers, and virtually turning it into a requirement for safe, and easy browsing, try going without, its cumbersome to the max.

ADDblockplus does its job removing all this nonsense to the best of its ability, it deserves continued support.

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Pages load faster, with more space available for actual content to be displayed. I've never seen an ad slip by in the years that I've used Adblock Plus.

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بارك الله فيكم
الي الامام

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the original ad blocker imo. essential for people that care about privacy

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Navigating today without it is just impossible. Thank you for the great work achieved with this awesome addon.

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Everyone should help support or donate to the development of this awesome browser, it deserves it..

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Excellent and does the job.

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Gostei, mas ele está desinstalando automaticamente e não está sendo apresentado na barra de ferramenta superior.

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Best addon ever.

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I don't have that annoying ads anymore :D thank you guys!

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It DOES block ads but it tends to download things without me knowing, as well as plays background sounds. I have to constantly close the internet explorer on task manager. I never have that background sounds problem when the ad blocker is NOT installed.

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Macht das was es soll. Blockt den größten Teil der Werbung aber leider nicht alles.

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Definitely must-have